Beware the Weddings of April!

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Beware the Weddings of April!

April is a fine time to marry, especially if you live in Central Virginia, so goes the myth.  And it is a myth.  Just like you’ve maybe heard, “Beware the Ides of March—(a reference to March 15th, the day Julius Caesar was murdered), so, beware the weddings of April! Yes, we do get some chilly days, but all in all, the weather is glorious, right?  In fact, I write this blog on Aprill 21st.  It’s early morning, but already it is 65 degrees.  Birds are snacking at my bird feeder.  I hear chirping in the nearby woods.  Roses are just beginning to escape the bud and unfurl their blushing petals. Pale green tree leaves appear almost florescent, against a blue, cloudless sky.  But beware!  Showers are frequent in and around Charlottesville in April, and they are largely unpredictable. 

The Pharsalia Weddng

Pharsalia wedding venue, just before the wedding commenced!

Several years ago, my weekend calendar was close to overbooked with April weddings.  The forecast every weekend called for a “slight chance of showers.”  Always, that slight chance turned into the real deal, and suddenly, too.  Even if the bride and groom had a plan B for keeping dry, there was no time to put their Plan B into effect.  One April wedding was at a breath-taking venue, Pharsallia.  See, and my post, Pharsalia is a must-see, even if you aren’t shopping for a venue.  Its an historic, well maintained home surrounded by multiple well-manicured gardens–this latter fact, proof of the owners’ gardening skills. My word, the grounds were over-the-top resplendent with shades of chartreuse, Kelly, emerald greens—you get the idea. 

This particular April wedding was on Pharsalia’s front lawn. Yes, there be clouds, but we had been tracking the weather on our cells.  No chance of a downpour.  As the five-year-old flower girl walked down the aisle in advance of the bride, though, a clap of thunder startled the poor thing.  She shrieked.  No petals strewn that day!   The heavens opened up.  The bride, maybe against her better judgment, still processed in.  I furiously edited on the fly, shortening the length of the service—a difficult task, for sure.  “Can’t cut the vows—maybe the ring exchange?” I thought even as I spoke. I I decided to keep both, although I did NOT pronounce the couple husband and wife.  By then, the soggy guests had retreated to the reception tent. 

Learning my lesson?

For shame!  This officiant has NOT learned her lesson.  Last Saturday, that is, April 15th,  I officiated a wedding at an historic home a short 30 minute drive from Charlottesville–another lovely property owned, this time, by the groom’s parents.  The couple had chosen a chartreuse/emerald stretch of farmland for the backdrop. The men, and the officiant (me) gathered in a small storage cottage while waiting for the wedding to begin. The clouds darkened.  Not to fear, though. On the floor of the cottage lay a collection of umbrellas.  Thirty maybe?  I surmised the thoughtfulness of the mother-of-the-groom.  We dutifully checked our cell phones as we waited for the music to begin. No rain in the forecast.

The wedding got underway, but…..As soon as the bride appeared at the doorway of the groom’s family home?  You got it. No time to get umbrellas.  We were trapped—me to proceed with the words, “Who presents this woman….” and the guests to listen.  We survived.  This time though, there was a silver lining to the ordeal, or better, not silver, but a multicolored lining . For real.  An honest to God rainbow appeared as the couple kissed and I pronounced them husband and wife.    

Another lesson learned, perhaps?

I have no idea what it all means.  I imagine the rainbow will be something the couple tells their children; their grandchildren. Perhaps it will become part of family lore.  For sure, though, in that amazing,  seemingly- scripted ending to the service, there is a lesson for us all.  And, I’m not talking about weddings here, but  about life in general:

“Do not give up on your dreams.  Wait for that rainbow.”

Enjoy the pics. 

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