What you need to know about my services, and Virginia laws

As you begin your wedding planning, you will want to consider what services you want an officiant to provide, and what Virginia law requires. Below are some answers to your questions:  

How much do you charge?

I do not have one set fee–my fee is based on the distance I have to travel, whether or not you are having a rehearsal, the time and day of your wedding (I charge more for weekend weddings) and whether or not you would like to participate in premarital counseling sessions. Call or e-mail me to talk through pricing: 434-409-3324, gaylee [at] weddingpreacherforhire [dot] com, or contact me at https://www.weddingpreacherforhire.com/contact

Can you refer me to a dj, a florist, or a musician?

Certainly. I have been officiating at weddings for over 18 years. I have a list of friends/associates who are wedding professionals. Again, just give me a call at 434-409-3324 or e-mail me at gaylee [at]weddingpreacherforhire [dot] com or contact me at https://www.weddingpreacherforhire.com/contact

Do you have a sound system?

I have a battery-operated sound system, which is just the thing for small to medium-sized outdoor or indoor weddings.  It has a lapel microphone.

Where do we get our wedding licenses?

Go to  http://www.courts.state.va.us/courts/circuit.html  to get a list of all circuit courts in the state of Virginia. I recommend calling the circuit court you intend to visit, just to find out cost (around $30.00) and what kind of identification you will need. Some circuit courts prefer that you apply for your licenses on-line (although you both have to appear in person to pick up your licenses). Depending on the circuit court, if you reside out-of-state, you may need more than a driver’s license for identification (i.e. birth certificate or social security card). 

When do we get our wedding licenses?

The state requires that you get your licenses from a Virginia circuit court, within sixty (60) days before your wedding.

Do you officiate at gay/lesbian weddings?

I am an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA.  That denomination was one of the first in our nation to recognize same sex unions.  I would be delighted to perform your same sex marriage.

Do I have to get my license from the circuit court in the city or county in which we will be getting married?

No. If you are getting married in Virginia, any circuit court in Virginia will do.

What will I receive from the circuit court?

You will receive two licenses to be completed by your officiant(me!), a self-addressed envelope, and a blank wedding certificate. I will sign the wedding licenses after your wedding and send them to the circuit court for recording. I will complete and give or send the wedding certificate to you.

How do I change my name?

After your ceremony, your wedding officiant (me!) will sign your wedding licenses and send them back to the circuit court that issued them.  The court will record your marriage. Give the circuit court a week to process the paper work. Then, call or visit the circuit court to get your own certified copy (this usually costs about $7.00). Take the certified copy of your license with you to the Social Security Office as proof of your marriage. You will be issued a new social security card. Take the new social security card with you to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where you will be issued a new driver’s license. Then, you will want to visit your bank, call your credit card company, notify your utilities companies, etc.