About Me

Introducing Gay Lee Einstein, wedding officiant!

Reverend Dr. Gay Lee Einstein is a wedding officiant serving  Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia and all places in between. 

Reverend Einstein is a people person.  For that reason, she relishes the opportunity to meet engaged couples.  She enjoys working with  them to create wedding services that reflect their lifestyles and spiritual leanings.  

Besides working with couples, Gay Lee also enjoys working with the wedding professional community,.  The professional wedding community includes musicians, photographers, event planners, and many others.  These dedicated, talented  souls make sure weddings are joyful, memorable occasions.  

Even though Rev. Einstein stays busy with work, she does take time out to pursue some satisfying hobbies.  In her spare time, Gay Lee gardens, works out at the gym and enjoys playing her Celtic harp.

She has three lovely daughters and a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua rescue dog named Pepper. 

Other Professional Pursuits in Charlottesville and Richmond

Besides officiating at weddings, Rev. Einstein is a guest preacher in churches in and around Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. She is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church tradition.  In that capacity, she has served churches in the Northern Virginia and Charlottesville areas for 25 years.

Rev. Einstein is a member of the Charlottesville Clergy Collective https://www.cvilleclergycollective.org/,and the Public Policy Witness Purpose Group, through the Presbytery of the James. https://www.presbyteryofthejames.com/.