They Got Married at a Taco Bell!

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They Got Married at a Taco Bell!

They Got Married at a Taco Bell

Yes, that’s right!  Dressed in coats and jeans, this couple really DID get married at a Taco Bell!   Would you do that?  Who does that?  This couple did.  But there is a backstory.

The Backstory

The bride and groom start planning their wedding, many months in advance.  They would be marrying in November.  They decide on a venue, a brewery in Richmond, a dress, a dj, a photographer, a florist, and an officiant—ME.  We have our first conversation in May. Everything is moving right along.

They plan to get their wedding licenses at a Richmond Courthouse early  in the morning, the day of the rehearsal.  That, because they are taking the day off.   As you may already know, both bride and groom have to appear at the courthouse together to take care of the paper work.  Their work schedules are crazy!  So, Friday morning, again, their day off,  they drive to the courthouse, which E-GHADS!  is closed.  Yep, November 11th, 2022? Veterans Day.  Again, E-GHADS. 

By the time of the rehearsal that evening, the bride and groom are in a dither. “Now what?” they want to know.  Indeed, I want to know.  Was there ANYTHING to be done?  For sure, their wedding service and reception would happen as planned.  The save the date and wedding invitations have been sent. Bills have been paid. Friends and family members have made their travel plans, and some are even then on route.

What’s to be done?

Nothing to be done.  We would keep this to ourselves,  go ahead as originally planned, and try to work something out after the fact.

The wedding is lovely.  Lots of love in that brewery.  So many well-wishers. There is a great vibe, which is usually the case at weddings.  That is why I enjoy officiating. 

Monday morning, I get on it.  “What if I just write the date of their wedding service in the little box on the license, ‘Date of marriage,?’” I ask myself.  The problem with that is,  the “issuance date,” would follow the marriage date.  Any observant clerk would recognize the discrepancy.    I call the courthouse.  I explain the situation to the nice clerk.  “What can be done?” 

The clerk’s  answer?  “They have to get married AFTER they get their licenses.” No extenuating circumstances allowed. Their mistake, they suffer the consequences. 

Here I will just say, better to call the courthouse in advance of your visit and find out a) hours of operation, b) do you need to set up an appointment with the clerk? Some courthouses require that you meet with the clerk. To find out more, go to my faq’s page,

The Remedy

Soo….I live in Charlottesville, the couple lives in Richmond.  That next Saturday morning, having been to the courthouse and received their licenses, the bride and groom drive to Zion’s Crossroads.   That crossroads is midway between Charlottesville and Richmond.  We meet at a lovely (?!) parking lot at, you got it, Taco Bell. While people walk in and out of TB,  we keep focused on what we are about.  The couple exchanges vows. and I offer them a blessing. I also serve as photographer.   The bride cries, whether from relief or from the strangeness of it all, I don’t know.  Maybe she doesn’t even know, but by golly, they are married at last—at a Taco Bell! 

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