New Wedding Venues

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New Wedding Venues

As I write this it is October 2022. Wedding season is still going strong, but I wanted to dash off a blog to offer you more suggestions for wedding venues. Can’t believe how many new wedding venues have popped up in Virginia! Today I want to brief you on two venues that are a study in contraxts. The is on a farm, and the other is in a close-to-city setting.

Cross Keys Barn

The first new wedding venue I share with you is Cross Keys Barn, in Rockingham County, Virginia. It is not too very far from Harrisonburg (a 10-minute-drive) and not too terribly farm from Charlottesville (a 45 minute drive). By “Barn” I really mean barn. Cross Keys barn is situated on a working dairy farm, with a dairy barn within view of where weddings are held. The venue barn (separate from the dairy barn) is equipped with tables and chairs. The Barn’s staff provides the setting up and taking down. There are bride and groom dressing rooms, male and female bathrooms, a kitchen prep space for caters, and an ample parking lot. What’s missing? Nothing I could fathom. This new wedding venue even boasts those spectacular views so many couples are wanting. I have included some pics I snapped before the wedding, but you will find more on Cross Keys Barn’s website:

Looking through posts to indoor reception area

Ashton Creek Vineyard

The other new wedding venue I mention today is Ashton Creek Vineyard. It is located in Chester, Virginia. It is in a more suburban setting than Cross Keys Barn. This venue has both outdoor and indoor spaces for weddings. These are near the tasting room. The of the rehearsal, wedding rehearsal participants gathered in the tasting room for some quick refreshments before heading out to the wedding grounds. The tasting room boasts a balcony which overlooks those wedding grounds. The day of the wedding, a Mariachi band played from that balcony. Band members may have been friends of the groom, who hails from Columbia. What a treat!

Mariachi Band played at Aston Creek Vineyard

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