An Ideal Elopement Venue

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An Ideal Elopement Venue

     Today I want to write to you about an ideal elopement venue.  That ideal elopement venue is not too far from Charlottesville, in out-of-the-way, Swoope, Virginia. And here I should just add, that maybe like me, you had never actually HEARD of Swoope, Virginia, but it’s worth learning about!    

Let me first say, though, that it’ been a long time since I added to this blog!   This past year in the wedding business has been something of a blur.  So many weddings and so many vow renewals after a year of practically no weddings because of Covid.  I have spent some of today looking at pictures of weddings and renewals this past year, and reflecting on happy times.  The elopement venue in Swoope stands out in my memories.

  Swoope itself is an unincorporated historic community in Augusta County, Virginia.

.  Swoope  is named after Jacob Swoope.  He was born in 1766 and was a one time member of the US House  of Representatives. See,_Virginia.

 The couple exchanged vows on the front steps of  the Manor at Hunter Ridge in Swoope.   The house or “manor” was built in 1805.  It is built on 500 acres, which is a working farm, according to information on the website,

This family who owns it has been careful to maintain the historic character of the home with period pieces. Fortunately, though, upgrades have been made to the house, so that there is a well-tooled kitchen and indoor, modern bathrooms. 

Bedroom at The Manor at Hunter Ridge Estate
Bedroom at the Manor at Hunter Ridge Estate
Third Bedroom at the Manor at Hunter Ridge Estate

How wonderful to marry in a spot that also can also serve as a honeymoon get-away!  Didn’t I say it was an ideal elopement venue?  In addition to the charm of the place, there is a lot to do in the Swoope vicinity.  It’s not too far from Charlottesville, a happenin’ place for sure.  Nearby are a plethora of wineries.  Swoope  also counts Waynesboro and Staunton as neighbors–both small city boasting its own historic charm. 

So, if you are looking for an ideal elopement venue, this may be it.  Check it out:

The Manor at Hunter Ridge Estate

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