Thatch Winery

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Thatch Winery

 I know I keep writing about venues, but there are sooo many of them in the vicinity of Charlottesville.   Thatch Winery is another.  It is a short 22 minute drive from Charlottesville and   Is one of a half-dozen wineries clustered together off Route 20 between Charlottesville and Scottsville, Virginia.  You might even say it’s part of Charlottesville’s Winery Row, if there exists such a thing.  

Why the name Thatch?

The Thatch Winery is under new management and under a new name.  Pre-pandemic the venue was called First Colony Winery. I officiated at a few weddings there.  Under this new management, the new name isThatch Winery—a name drawing attention to its thatch roof.   I am told by the friendly staff there that it is THE ONLY thatched roof winery in the nation! 

The word “LOVE” serves as a welcome sign to the property.  It too, is made of thatch. 

A merging of old and new

The tasting room, and back deck have an old-world feel to them.  There are, however, some updated amenities.  For instance, an electric charging station is tucked away in the corner of the parking lot.  And the tasting room, has all the modern accouterments of a well, a tasting room. 

Thatch Winery Tasting Room

One of the main draws of Thatch Winery as a wedding venue,  is that it is so close to Charlottesville.  Your guests could easily rent rooms in the city, and spend some of the wedding weekend touring Monticello, and the University of Virginia, and visiting wine tasting rooms and breweries.  So, if you are looking for a wedding venue in the Charlottesville area, check out Thatch. Website:

Enjoy the pics!

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