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Dear Soon-to-be-Bride— One of the things you will need to consider down the road, after all the the thank you cards written, and the wedding gifts put away, is when and how you are going to change your name. There is an internet site, that is supposed to make your job easier. For the low price of $29.95 someone, or several someones, will complete all the paper and on-line work required to make most, if not all, your name changes. According to information on the Miss Now Mrs. website, by using that service you can even avoid a trip to the DMV! Yes, Miss Now Mrs. will submit your information to the DMV electronically SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT IN A CROWDED WAITING ROOM FOR

The DMV, do you really want to go there????


You may decide to go that route. If you are skeptical, or if like me, you are not sure you want to give personal information to an on-line service, though, you may decide to take a day off from work and get the job done yourself.  And it probably will require a full day—visiting the Social Security Office, the DMV, calling your insurance company, utilities companies, mortgage company, etc.

Good news, though! Virginia’s DMV now how has a site that tracks the wait times at different DMV locations. So, you can prepare yourself mentally for the wait—and maybe even prepare for what you might do WHILE you wait. Give yourself a manicure? A pedicure? Read a book? Listen to your ipod?

To find out wait times, go to . Then, click on locations. When a new screen comes up, type in your zip code to find the DMV nearest you. Hit the “search” button. That will take you to a map with the closest DMV indicated. Next, click on “estimated wait times.”

Plan for your stay at the DMV–bring a book along?

That will take you to MORE menu options. Choose what it is you are wanting to do at the DMV. There is no menu option for changing your name, but the closest thing to that is probably “Replacement/Renewal of Driver’s License or ID Card, and Address change.” Today, as I write this, Wednesday, February 22nd at 12:30 p.m., your wait time is, sadly, 2 hours 1 minute and 54 seconds. Ok. So that the bad news. Actually it is very bad news. So sorry.

However, the good news is that you are married. The wedding is behind you, and if you complain long and loudly enough, perhaps your new husband will take you out to dinner after all your name change business is at an end!

Happy wedding planning!

Your wedding preacher for hire

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