The Joy of Weddings; Make ‘Em Laugh

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The Joy of Weddings; Make ‘Em Laugh

So often when I meet with couples to plan their wedding, they ask me to keep their service “light-hearted.”  They want their service to elicit joy.  I know exactly what they mean.  Weddings are serious business, but they are not funerals after all.  Hopefully the wedding is the culmination of years of relationship building—not just of bride and groom, but in

This couple was soo fun to work with!

and between families; the wedding  marks the end of months of planning for that special day, for living arrangements moving forward, for the honeymoon and a lot else.  The wedding, then is a time of celebration.   I hope the wedding services I compose reflect joy.  I am, personally a happy person–that probably helps!


A skillful photographer can suggest poses that are fun, and can capture moments of joy, which then are passed on for posterity.

It’s all about the socks!

As the bride and groom you can do a lot, too, to inject some fun into your wedding.  One really full-of-life couple I worked with, asked the groomsmen to wear silly socks—the socks were hidden under trousers for the service, but my, did the men have fun “showing some leg” for the photographer!

I hope that you will enjoy these pics of weddings at which I have officiated.  They put a smile on my face, definitely.  How about yours?

Blessings your way this new year.  Happy wedding planning!

William Walker is one of THE best wedding photographers. He certainly captured this couple’s joy!


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