Creativity and your wedding

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Creativity and your wedding

Dear Engaged Couple—

Weddings can be just the thing for you to express your creativity and also to make sure that your special day is yours, and yours alone.  Such was the case at a wedding at which I officiated a few weeks ago, during the fast pace of wedding season (September-October).  I am only now able to sit down and collect my thoughts and memories. Just when I thought I had seen it all, a couple does something new and different and well, fresh and exciting.


Creativity: A new family crest drawn/painted by the bride

Creativity: A new family crest drawn/painted by the bride

The couple is into all sorts of activities—they met running, as in jogging, and their first date was at a running shop.  Add to that, that the groom actually proposed at the finish line of the Marine Corp Marathon.  That gives you some idea of the intensity of their passion for this particular pastime.

However, that is really just the tip of that proverbial iceberg of the couples’ many interests. The bride is an artist—not a professional artist, but accomplished she is.  For her special day, the bride created a family crest, that I hope they will continue to use throughout the years.  Sadly the photographer (me)  did a very bad job of capturing it digitally, but I hope you can get the idea of it at least.  Their two pets stand at attention on either side of the groom’s last name initial (now the bride’s last name initial, too!).

Honey display at wedding reception--gifts for the guests

Creativity:Honey display at wedding reception–gifts for the guests

And let me tell you about the wedding programs! They were printed on card stock.  On the front of the program (or back, depending), the bride had printed a water color painting (or maybe some other medium—pastels, maybe?) .  The painting/drawing depicts the couple’s wedding party—down to the exact colors of their wedding attire.  How wonderful is that?! I have included yet another pic at the beginning of this article of that (the photographer did a better job taking this one!)

Honey display at the wedding--gifts for the guests

Explanation which was part of the honey display

Finally, although no less impressively, the groom is a beekeeper.  Yes, he both runs in marathons AND keeps bees!  Each guest received a honey bear gift as a keepsake of the couple’s special day.  And yes, the honey was made by the groom’s own bees and collected by the groom himself!   I have included a photo here of the honey display that the couple created.  Sooo very awesome!

You see just how creativity played such an important role in this couple’s wedding then.

Early Mountain Vineyard--logo

Early Mountain Vineyard–logo

The wedding was held at Early Mountain Vineyard in Madison County, Virginia—just a hop, skip and jump from Charlottesville.  Absolutely beautiful countryside.  The weather was spot on perfect.

So, get going!  Think about all those things that make you, you.  What are your talents?  Your passions?  Your interests?  How can you weave those into a wedding that you will remember and cherish the rest of your married lives.  The challenge is on!


Happy wedding planning,


Your Wedding Preacher for Hire

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