Historic Hotels

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Historic Hotels

Dear Engaged Couples—This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit York, Pennsylvania.  I spent the night at an historic, if slightly worn hotel, the Yorktowne Hotel.  I say worn, but that depends on your perspective.  It is also oozing charm. And plans are in the works to restore this landmark, built in 1925, in which was the heart of downtown York.    I hope the attached pics will convince you of that hotel’s appeal.

Of course, I am certified to officiate at weddings only in Virginia, so the purpose of this post is not to “sell” you on the Yorktowne.  However, that stay reminded me of historic hotels in our own state, one of which just may be the ticket for your wedding and/or reception.

Historic Charm at the Jefferson Hotel, Richmond

Historic Charm at the Jefferson Hotel

First in any discussion of historic hotels in Richmond is the Jefferson Hotel.  I officiated at an elopement there last month.  As you may know, if you live, or ever have lived in the Richmond area, the dramatic staircase at the Jefferson Hotel was featured in Gone With the Wind—it’s the staircase that Scarlett O’Hara walked down, at her beloved Terra.  I have included several pictures of that hotel in this post.

Scarlett's staircase, shades of Terra

Scarlett’s staircase, shades of Terra


Another historic hotel is the John Marshall,  which opened in 1929 and has boasted among its guests, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Taylor, and other celebrities.  In the early 2000’s it was transformed into luxury apartments and ballrooms for weddings and other events.

Chandelier at the historic John Marshall Ballrooms

Chandelier at the historic John Marshall Ballrooms

Two more historic hotels in the Charlottesville area, that are worth your consideration, are the Boar’s Head Inn and Keswick Hall.  Both venues offer stellar views of the mountains, and both practice that special brand of Southern hospitality.  The first inn on the site of the current Boar’s Head, was called Terrell’s Ordinary.  It was built in 1759.

The other historic hotel in Charlottesville, Keswick Hall, was originally an Italianate Estate, built in 1912, and later became a Country Club, before being transformed into a hotel in the 1990’s.

It’s all in the details at these historic hotels—high ceilings, delicately carved wood trims, and chandeliers. As I said, they ooze charm of another era.

Enjoy the pictures.  I hope that some of them inspire you to consider an historic hotel for your wedding, reception or rehearsal dinner!

Keswick Hall has the look of an Italian estate

Keswick Hall has the look of an Italian estate

Happy Wedding Planning!

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