Aine and Dustin’s Wedding

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Aine and Dustin’s Wedding

Dear Engaged Couple, Just so you know, I never use names if and when I post pictures of YOU on my website or Preacher-for-Hire Facebook page.  But this is different.  Aine and Dustin, whose wedding was lovely, by the way, were featured in Richmond Wedding Magazine–the Spring issue, 2016!  They were married last year.

The wedding was at the Virginia Cliffe Inn, which has a Southern Hospitality charm about it.  Think plantations and mint juleps.  Their ceremony was traditional, and yet it wasn’t,  if you get my drift.  You can see for yourself from the several photos in the magazine, the non-traditional aspect.  Aine did not wear a long white wedding gown, and yet, I think you will agree, her dress was gorgeous.  It was bright, and multicolored, some might say electric, and it was figure-flattering.  The electric part matched Aine’s personality.  Warm, friendly, but fun!

I found Virginia Cliffe Inn’s staff to be very solicitous.  It may be a good choice for your wedding venue.

Now I cannot end this post, without mentioning height.  You will note that in the large picture featured in Richmond Wedding magazine, I look to be about three feet tall!  I assure you that I am not quite that short in real life!  I am 5 feet one inch tall.  Neither do I remember Aine and Dustin being abnormally tall.  Maybe it was the light?

Enjoy the pics and consider Virginia Cliffe Inn for your wedding!  Congrats

Virginia Cliffe Inn, 2900 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060--14 miles from Richmond

Virginia Cliffe Inn, 2900 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060–14 miles from Richmond

to Aine and Dustin!





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