The Engagement Ring

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The Engagement Ring

Dear Engaged Couple—One question that brides often ask me during the wedding rehearsal, usually as we are practicing the exchange of rings, is “What do I do with the engagement ring?”


It’s a good question. The first time I got asked it, I truly didn’t know.  I hadn’t thought that through before, and evidently, a lot of soon-to-be-brides haven’t thought that through before either.  I’ve since done my research, asked around to people in the know, read some on-line articles.  Here is the skinny.  The bride’s wedding ring is supposed to be worn on the left hand ring finger.  The engagement ring is also supposed to be worn on the left hand ring finger.


Soon-to-be-brides know this much, and some of them also know that the rule of thumb has it, or actually the rule of ring finger has it, that the wedding ring is lower down on the left-hand ring finger than the engagement ring—because the wedding ring is supposed to be closer to the heart.


Exchanging rings--What to do with that engagement ring?

Exchanging rings–What to do with that engagement ring?

So, as the ring exchange part of the marriage service gets underway, should the bride quick tear off her engagement ring so that her beloved can slide on the wedding ring?   I have seen it done, just like that; but that is a tad awkward.  And, it is dangerous.  The bride could drop her engagement ring or it could go flying—both embarrassing situations.  Better, then, if the bride remembers to move her engagement ring to her right-hand ring finger before the service begins, and just for the length of the service.


Of course, the wedding police won’t come after you if the wedding ring does go on top of the engagement ring, and for sure, I’m not going to squeal. In fact, I would think that most of your guests don’t know the etiquette here; even if they do, they will be properly distracted by the wedding dress, the flowers, the music and all else that comprises a wedding service.  So not to worry if you forget.


Bottom line is, weddings are to be enjoyed, not stressed over.  It’s true you know.

But this is the skinny on rings.


Happy Wedding Planning


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