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Dear About-to-be and Newly Engaged Couples—As I write this it is November 24th, just two days shy of Thanksgiving. The 2015 wedding season is basically over. October, which is the most popular month for weddings, was a blur for me this year with so many wedding services to perform. I had an added stress—my computer crashed on October 3rd. It spent over weeks, that’s TWENTY FIVE DAYS with Geek Squad. The good news is, I always work ahead. By October 3rd, most of my October wedding services had been put together and some of them had actually been printed off. I was able to limp through the month, with a thumb drive and an old, 2007 HP laptop that was slow, yes and temperamental, extremely. Geek Squad did its best, but the computer continued to have problems…soooo…
I’m a Mac gal now! In fact, I am writing this blog on my new Macbook Pro!

This is the time of year, November, when I ready my web page and my other internet sites—with Wedding Wire, Borrowed and Blue and The Knot, for YOU! I know, because I have some experience, that you will probably get engaged at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. Or, if you are already engaged, over this holiday season you will start talking seriously with your beloved and with family members about your big day. You will begin making plans. That is why I am busy doing updates on the internet.  I want you to like what you see and send me an e-mail or give me a call. I want to be your officiant.

Now that same sex marriages are legal....

Now that same sex marriages are legal….

Today as I said, is November 24th. Today as yesterday and the day before that I have been reminiscing. So many photos to look at, and sift through! My web page is my scrap book. It is a histogram of people whose lives have touched mine over the course of the past year. I relive conversations, the meeting of family members, the poignant vows exchanged by brides and grooms. This year was especially significant, too, because I was able to perform my first same sex marriages! MORE wonderful memories!

So, on this 24th day of November, two days shy of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for people like you, who have made my life so very rich and full and exciting. I cannot think of a better profession, a better life calling.

Gay Lee performing wedding--in my element--my callingWith gratitude,

Happy Wedding Planning

Your Wedding Preacher for Hire

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