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Southern Living Magazine

Dear Engaged couple-  It’s about time I became famous-well, not really.  I am not sure fame is something I have ever aspired to, although I like to think that people who DO know me think well of me.  But this October, I DID reach fame, sort of.  My face along with that of a delightful couple I married, made it into Southern Living Magazine—that’s right!  We were featured in SL’s October, 2015 issue.  What of that?

The happy couple poses for pictures after the Korean wedding rituals have been performed

The happy couple poses for pictures after the Korean wedding rituals have been performed

The famous bride and groom’s wedding took place at Veritas Vineyard, which is a fine wedding venue if you are looking for a backdrop of grape vines, and mountains.  The venue offers a grandiose meeting place/ballroom for a wedding reception, too.

Veritas does the catering, provides the chairs and tables, the wine, of course, and it is all very good.  About the only things not provided are the wedding attire for the wedding party, invitations, flowers, the officiant, and the photographer!

 The couple I married at Veritas just oozed good taste—or maybe it was the bride who oozed, or maybe her mother or his mother—at any rate, the colors were right, the décor was right—not overdone, you know?   I guess the phrase is “Tastefully understated.”

 Of course, as an officiant, I was not so much interested in the décor as the souls of these two people.  They were gracious, and oh, so in love—although not in a goofy way.  They were serious in their faith convictions.  They respected each other, listened to each other, and really just enjoyed their special day.  No drama.

What I particularly appreciated about the bride was her compassion toward her husband-to-be and his family.  Her future in-laws (now in-laws, in fact)  are from Korea.   To honor their culture, she planned for the rehearsal to include some customs and rituals from the Korean tradition—In fact, I wrote a blog about that.  To my mind, the rehearsal was as lovely as the wedding itself.  The bride seemed to relish having ties to this beautiful, and long-enduring culture.

Enjoy the picture, which was taken by phenomenal Charlottesville photographer Rachael May, by the way.  It was Rachael who submitted the pics that made me, and the couple famous (sort of)!   To see more of Rachael’s work, go to  She is quite an accomplished photographer.  thanks, Rachael!

Happy Wedding planning!

Yours, Gay Lee

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