The Mayhurst Inn

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The Mayhurst Inn

Dear Engaged Couple—I am told that most engaged couples, when they begin to plan their wedding, first nail down a venue. Then the bride goes dress shopping. Finding an officiant is further down on the to-do list. This is as is should be, although of course, as an officiant, I like to think that my job is pretty important. Venues, at least the ones that are most popular, must be secured, sometimes as much as two YEARS in advance. As I write this, it is August 2015, and I am just beginning to meet with couples who plan on marrying sometime in 2016. That’s just to give you an idea of timing. Wedding dresses must be ordered early, because usually they must be altered, and that can take months, when you add in the fittings.If you are at the very beginning of your planning process, and still trying to find a venue, may I suggest you consider The Mayhurst Inn in Orange County Virginia.   I visited last week, with a couple who will be exchanging vows there next year. Let me tell you! What an absolutely gorgeous spot! Old, old, oak trees, and lusciously green, manicured lawns and a quaintness that is, well, quaint.

In keeping with the Mayhurst's time period

In keeping with the Mayhurst’s time period

The Mayhurst Inn has historic significance. It was built by the Willis family (related to President James Madison) in 1959. Jack and Pat North own the place now and it is evident that they have put their hearts and souls into the Inn’s restoration. They love to talk about their home, and the projects that they have undertaken to get the place back to its original magnificence.

The Inn, which is really a large home,  has eight rooms which sleep 20 people (if you count fold out beds—so says Jack). Although the home is now somewhat off the beaten path (it used to be on a prominent carriage road), it is only a 40 minute drive from Charlottesville, an hour’s drive from Richmond, and 90 minutes from Washington, DC. It is near golf courses, wineries, breweries, antique stores, Monticello, and Civil War sites. This makes it an appealing place for a destination wedding, definitely, particularly if your wedding guest list is on the small side. Your guests, or at least your wedding party,  could stay at the Inn, and then spend the weekend dining at the Mayhurst Inn (I haven’t tasted the food, yet, but get a load of the pictures on the Mayhurst’s website) and exploring Virginia from this charming spot.

Breakfast is served on Mayhurst Inn's porch

Breakfast is served on Mayhurst Inn’s porch

The couple I will be marrying next year will be marrying outside, but rainyday

What a dramatic staircase for a bride!

What a dramatic staircase for a bride!

plans are for an indoor wedding.  Note the dramatic stair case.  Can’t you just a imagine a bride walking down that?  Scarlet O’Hara eat your heart out!

To find out more about the Mayhurst Inn, go to Then, give Jack a call. 540) 672-5597 | (888) 672-5597. Tell him I sent you.  I told him I would be writing a blog about the Inn.

Enjoy the pics.

As always, happy wedding planning!

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