The Fisherman Knot

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The Fisherman Knot

Dear Engaged Couple—

Heard about a “new” tradition (I know, that is an oxymoron, but bear with me), for wedding ceremonies that I thought I would pass on to you. It is called the Fisherman Knot. It goes like this. After the couple exchanges vows and rings, they are given two cords—of substantial circumference so that they can be viewed by guests. The cords are held in parallel fashion between the bride and groom. The bride ties a fisherman knot with the two ends of cord she is holding and the groom does the same thing with the ends of cord he is holding.

A diagram of how to tie your wedding knot

A diagram of how to tie your wedding knot

There is “slippage” in one of the cords so that when the cord is pulled, the two knots move together forming what looks like one big knot. The tighter the couple pulls, the stronger the knot(s) become. The officiant (me) explains that as with the knots, so the bride and groom’s new relationship. The more tension in the marriage, the stronger the marriage will be. And the knots are virtually impossible to untie—a permanent union of two cords, as two people.

There are two You Tube videos worth watching to learn more. One is which is narrated by an officiant and gives a good idea of what the Fisherman Knot Ceremony looks like.  Where to buy the cord?  The officiant/narrator suggests JoAnne Fabrics.

The second You Tube Video describes how to actually tie the knot. Go to

The knot can be saved, too. Cut off the ends of cord, and save the knot, perhaps in a shadow box picture frame—a keepsake of your special day.

Different colored rope lends even more symbolism to this 'new tradition"

Different colored rope lends even more symbolism to this ‘new tradition”

If you decide to use this “new tradition” in your marriage service, I recommend practice, practice, practice, nerves being what they are at weddings.

Happy wedding Planning!

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