An Over-the-top Elopement Venue

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An Over-the-top Elopement Venue

An over-the-top elopement venue

Dear Engaged Couple—Do I have an over-the-top elopement venue for you!  I married a truly lovely couple this past weekend in a wine cellar!  That sounds a little strange maybe.  I am guessing that most wine cellars you

Ever bit as grand as Asheville, NC's The Biltmore!

Ever bit as grand as Asheville, NC’s The Biltmore!

have visited, if you have visited any at all, are dark, and chilly.  Not a place you would want to exchange vows, and definitely not a romantic spot, to say, enjoy a long, romantic repast with the love of your life.  At least that has been my experience.  I have toured wine cellars in Napa Valley, and more than a handful here in the Charlottesville area, and they are cold, dark, and in some cases, industrial looking—not a musty cave filled with rough hewn oaken wine barrels as one might imagine—but big metal vats, with all manner of technological-looking gauges attached.

Dining in a wine cellar?

Dining in a wine cellar?

But that is not always the case.   The female half of this engaged couple heard that the Biltmore Inn in Asheville NC, books romantic meals in its lovely decorated wine cellar.   That got her to thinking, “Where else, closer to home, might we exchange wedding vows and then enjoy a celebratory meal in a wine cellar?” Turns out, Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, VA books its wine cellar for just such purposes.  Don’t know if Keswick Hall got the idea from the Biltmore or if it was the other way around.  No matter!  All I can affirm is that it is quite a place, that wine cellar–rich wood tones-no musty smells, lots and lots of candles and a brilliantly light-catA Wine Cellar with all the charm of Keswick Hall–AT Keswick Hall!ching-and-refracting chandelier.

   A Wine Cellar with all the charm of Keswick Hall, AT Keswick Hall!

Keswick Hall assigns one waiter to that place—so throughout the evening that couple had one person at their disposal to provide for their every alimentary need.  Patrick, the waiter’s name in this case, was a very engaging soul.  He

Table setting in the wine cellar, Keswick Hall

Table setting in the wine cellar, Keswick Hall

obviously enjoys his job!

The temperature seemed a little non-wine cellary to me, so I asked Patrick about that.  He said that the place stays cool most of the time, but there is a thermostat  that can be raised for short stretches of time—like weddings and meals, obviously.

So, this is another venue consideration, if you plan to elope.  And, if you need an officiant, I know where you can get one, eager and ready to perform your service! Cheers!

As always, enjoy the pics

Your wedding preacher for hire


Keswick hall, wine cellar, with lights



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