What do Wedding Professionals Do?

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What do Wedding Professionals Do?

Dear Engaged Couple

So, I am sure you are not wondering this, but I am going to tell you anyway.  What do wedding professionals do, I’m talking about photographers,  venue owners, planners, officiants,  makeup artists, musicians, caterers and dj’s,  during off-wedding season?  We meet with YOU, who maybe got engaged over the holidays, and are beginning to make plans for your Spring, Summer or Fall wedding.  That keeps us moderately busy.  We may also work some on our online advertising—tweaking our web and facebook pages, and other social media sites.  Winter, though,  is generally considered a slow time in what is referred to as the “wedding industry” (I have that in quotes, because I hate that term,  although I have not yet found a better one).

Wedding Wire event at the Maggiano's at Short Pump-GREAT food!

Wedding Wire event at the Maggiano’s at Short Pump-GREAT food!

So besides meeting with you and working on our on-line ads, what do wedding professionals do, while we are waiting for Spring?  We PARTY!  Think about it.  Parties and celebrating are what draw us to weddings to begin with, so this time of year, we have to create some merrymaking of our own.  Earlier this week, Wedding Wire, which is headquartered in Washington, DC,  hosted us in Richmond, Virginia.  If you have looked into wedding planning sites at all, you are familiar with Wedding Wire.   We who are wedding pros and advertise with WW,  met Wedding Wire staff at Maggianos, a restaurant in Short Pump.   We ate good food, met other wedding pros, including those who work at Wedding Wire,

Merrymaking with other Wedding Professionals

Merrymaking with other Wedding Professionals

and just, well, had a great time.  So glad I am a wedding officiant!

BTW, Wedding Wire is great!   As always, enjoy the pics.

Your Wedding Preacher for Hire.

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