Getting down to business

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Getting down to business

Dear Folks— Today, I am getting down to business.  Not that I am IN business.  I have always thought of what I do as a ministry of sorts–but there is a business angle to what I do, too, of course.  You probably have not noticed, but I have recently engaged a new advertising firm for my business.  The new advertising firm is Borrowed and Blue.  There are so many wedding sites out there as I’m sure you are aware!  Borrowed and Blue, though, is one worth using, if you are in the market for a good site that will give you a listing of vendors you will need to pull off your wedding in style.   In fact, in conversation with a bride just this week, she said that she is getting all of her vendor information from Borrowed and Blue.

Borrowed and Blue's business logo

Borrowed and Blue’s business logo

B&B  is run by a husband and wife team—Christin and Adam Healey.  I don’t know them personally, however, Christin and I used to work out at the same gym here in Charlottesville.  I knew her by face, if not by name,  even before she and Adam started their business. I was introduced to them after Christin and Adam married, at a wedding professionals event.  At that time, they had just launched B&B.  I had no doubt that they would make a go of it.  Adam has a great deal of business experience, and Christin seems to have a good head on her shoulders, ready to listen to good advice, and to put her heart and soul into the wedding “business.”

What strikes me about B&B is the professionalism of the people with whom I interface.  They are extremely solicitous and ready to answer any questions I might have (yes, even stupid ones).   I  also appreciate their web site.  Getting information up on an ad site can be somewhat challenging, but B&B makes it easy. And since I have two sites—one in Richmond and one in Charlottesville, I can actually toggle back and forth between the two.  Isn’t that something?!   The site actually invites professionals to upload high-grade photos, which may mean nothing to you, but means a lot, I am sure, to photographers—and to me, someone who appreciates clear, crisp pictures. Finally, I appreciate the fact, that although the business is only a few years old, it is moving at a fast clip to be a serious competitor to sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire.  Although the business started in Charlottesville, it has opened a virtual storefront in Richmond, VA and now Northern Virginia and DC.

If you have a minute, go to for my Richmond site, or to  I hope you like the pics.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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