Sound System

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Sound System

Dear Engaged Couples—

One of the biggest problems I face, as an officiant, is how to make sure those who attend the wedding  service, particularl will actually be able to hear me, and hear the couples exchange their vows.  For that reason, one question I always ask couples is, “Do you think we will need a sound system?” Some couples, particularly couples who are planning medium to big size weddings, will hire a dj for the reception—maybe even for the wedding proper.  If that is the case, it is a sure thing that the dj will have an adequate sound system pour moi.  I have not met a dj yet who is not happy to provide sound for the wedding service.  Those djs—got to love them!

Dome at Mount Ida Vineyard with fountain in background

Dome at Mount Ida Vineyard with fountain in background

Couples who are planning small weddings, and are not hiring a dj, will often insist that a sound system is not necessary.    I agree—in theory.  I mean, with only fifty people in attendance, the back row of chairs is going to be close—and I KNOW that I, at least, have a voice that carries.  However, it is true that not all guests are equally hearing- abled.  And guests may not be aware that they have a hearing problem.  Also, occasionally I will officiate at a wedding with an unexpected  noise distraction:  that fountain in the middle of the lake looks so beautiful, but the gurgling adds sound interference—or the air conditioner that is keeping the reception area cool, will certainly be appreciated by guests AFTER the wedding service, but during the service, it may well  provide unwelcome noise pollution.

Do you think we will need a sound system?

Last weekend I officiated at an over-the-top gorgeous wedding at the Clifton Inn, in Charlottesville, VA.  It was a small wedding.  No dj.  The reception area—an historic house-was situated just behind the garden where the wedding would be taking place. That historic house had a large air conditioner that made a considerable amount of noise.  There was no sound system so I made do—I talked as loudly as I could.  Even so, one guest told me after the wedding, that she could not hear any of the service.  Bummer.

After the wedding, even before touching base at home, I drove to Best Buy.  Certainly that store must have a battery operated sound system?  No deal.  Neither could I order one from Best Buy’s catalog.  Best Buy does not carry such a thing.

Chairs at the ready in Clifton Inn's garden

Chairs at the ready in Clifton Inn’s garden

At home that evening, I found what I THINK might actually work, though.  It’s made by Hisonic and sold through  It comes with a lavaliere microphone, a handheld  microphone, and it has rechargeable batteries.  BINGO!

Now I am anxiously awaiting my purchase, which should arrive tomorrow.

Yes, it’s expensive, but it will save me some heartache, and hopefully it will save the couples I serve some heartaches too.

Just looking out for YOU!

Happy wedding planning.

Your wedding preacher for hire

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