Same Sex Marriages

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Same Sex Marriages

Dear Engaged Couples, as you may know, I am a Presbyterian pastor (PCUSA).  I do not  perform same sex marriages.  However, let me quickly add  that  as a wedding officiant I perform marriages of different Christian denominations and different faith traditions.  Just recently, for example, I officiated at the wedding of a Jewish Christian couple.  My several semesters of ancient Hebrew came in very handy!  I officiate at secular weddings, too, to which God has not been invited.  However, I do no perform same sex marriages because my denomination does no allow it.   If I were to perform a same sex wedding ceremony, I could be defrocked—kind of like being dishonorably discharged.  Of course, I cannot officiate at gay and lesbian weddings for another reason.  Our Commonwealth does not recognize them.

Jewish Christian wedding--the groom is wearing a yalmalka

Jewish Christian wedding–the groom is wearing a yarmulke

PCUSA’s General Assembly has voted to recognize and allow same sex marriages!


What I CAN do, and what I offer to a same sex couple who asks me to officiate at their wedding—is to bless their union.  It is not legally binding, and is not recognized by the Presbyterian Church as other than that.  It’s something, but granted, it is not nearly enough.

But the times they are a changing—or to get philosophical, as Heraclitus said, “You can’t step into the same river twice.”  I am happy to report that the Presbyterian Church, at its national biennial meeting, called the General Assembly, has voted to recognize same sex unions, if the state in which the marriage takes place also recognizes same sex unions. That decision must now be voted on by the local Presbyteries (173 of them across the nation).  The consensus is that this is just a formality.  In two years, when the bill is ratified, pastors in our denomination will be able to officiate at same sex unions IF the state in which the couple marries allows it.     THIS IS HUGE. I know, I know, we’re not there yet, but we are making GREAT progress.

Presbyterian Church, USA

Presbyterian Church, USA

So friends, today I have to say that I am very proud to be a Presbyterian.  We have turned a corner as a denomination.  We are working toward a bright and all inclusive future.   For more information go to

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