Mount Ida Farm

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Mount Ida Farm
Dome at Mount Ida Vineyard with fountain in background

Dome at Mount Ida Vineyard with fountain in background

Dear Engaged Couple, I have written about Mount Ida Farm before, but it has been several years.  I don’t think you will mind if I figuratively and literally  revisit it—which I did last week.  I finally, finally, had the thrill, the privilege of officiating at a wedding of two lovely, made for each other people, David and Kathryn at this expansive estate.

The wedding was held under a pergola (see picture at right).  The pergola features a decorative wrought-iron dome which allows the sun and blue sky to filter through in the day, and the stars and moon at night.  A fountain gurgles in the lake immediately behind the pergola and lovely flowers surround it.   The effect is beyond beautiful, if that is possible.

Dramatic steps from estate house to the pergola--flower girl and ring bearer at the rehearsal

Dramatic steps at Mount Ida Farm–from estate house to the pergola

For the wedding, the bride chose to walk down the steps from the estate house—a dramatic entrance for sure. The groom was waiting below.  He seemed to have trouble catching his breath, when the bride appeared on her dad’s arm, at the top of the staircase.  I’m not surprised. She was lovely.

The staff was solicitous to a fault.  Thy were on hand to offer directions to the guests and to make sure that we, the vendors for that special day, had all that we needed to carry out our work.

The ONLY complaint I have with Mount Ida Farm, is that it is difficult to find.  It is located near Scottsville on Blenheim Road.  The address is 6903 Blenheim Rd, Charlottesville, VA 24590.  However, neither Google Maps nor my GPS was able to provide me with  directions.  I got lost the day of the rehearsal and had to stop at a farm house and ask for directions.

The day of the wedding I tried a different route and darn if I didn’t get lost again!  No, I was not late for the wedding!  I had actually planned on getting lost, so I arrived with plenty of time to spare.  I now know that  the best way to get to Blenheim Road and Mount Ida Farm  is to drive into the picturesque little town of Scottsville.  Off the main drag through town (Route 20), take Hardware Road—which eventually turns into Blenheim.  Using this route, the drive from my home in Charlottesville takes 35 minutes—not bad.

So, if you are looking for a great place for a memorable wedding, may I suggest Mount Ida Farm.  Enjoy the pics!

Happy Wedding Planning,

Your Wedding Preacher for Hire

David, Kathryn and me after the wedding at Mount Ida Farm

David, Kathryn and me after the wedding at Mount Ida Farm


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