A Perfect Wedding Venue- Monumental Church!

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A Perfect Wedding Venue- Monumental Church!
Dear Engaged Couple,
I have yet another wedding venue for you.  I know, I’ve given you so many!  However, new venues keep popping up, I keep officiating at them, and there you have it!  This latest venue is really not a new venue, at least the building is not new.  It was built in 1814, as a matter of fact, so this year it is celebrating its 200thbirthday.
The building, Monumental , is a vacated Episcopal Church in the heart of downtown Richmond (1224 E Broad St, Richmond, VA).  If you live in Richmond, right away you might be thinking, well, bet there’s a parking problem!  Well, yes and no.  There are some commercial parking garages not too far distant, but if you are planning for a late afternoon or evening wedding during the week, or a weekend wedding,  you and your family and friends can avail yourselves of parking directly across the street at the Dept. of Transportation.  That parking is free to whomever when employees are not using the spaces, which they do from 9-5 weekdays.
A New Old Wedding Venue in the Heart of Richmond
But back to the building.  It was planned by architect Robert Miller, a student of Thomas Jefferson.  The church served notables in Virginia, including Justice John Marshall, and John Allan, Edgar Allan Poe’s stepfather.  The church closed in 1965.  For a time it was a chapel for the Medical College of Virginia, but now it is an historic landmark, which can be rented for special occasions, like weddings.  The inside still has the original pews.  The rest of the church, though, is pretty much a blank canvas.  There is no pulpit, lectern, or baptismal font, for example.  The area can be decorated to your liking. 

Monumental Church

lights on the floral arrangements–light up this wedding venue

Monumental has just recently become available for special events.  The director of events, Lynne, tells me that she believes that the wedding at which I officiated was the very first evening wedding at Monumental.  The fact that the service happened after sundown, presented some problems, however.    The inside is only sparsely electrified  The bride and groom had to bring in a special lighting company to light the grand space.  More light was provided by the florist, who embedded little battery operated votives in the floral arrangements, including the two big trees flanking the chancel area.  Stunning!  Still more light was provided by battery operated lanterns which lined the center aisle.  Candles and other flames are prohibited in the building.

I have got to tell you, candlelit weddings in a church or chapel DO open one up to the spiritual. That wedding was a moment to be remembered.  Monumental, you might say.  Enjoy the pics. 
Contact Catherine Thomas at cthomas@historicrichmond.com or call 804-643-7407 to find out more about using Monumental Church as your wedding venue. 
As always, Happy Wedding Planning!
Your Wedding Preacher for Hire
                                                                         Family wedding photo, Monumental

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