What a great gift for your wedding guests!

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What a great gift for your wedding guests!
Dear Engaged couple—
   I just have to share with you something that happened to me last week.   On Wednesday,  I attended a wedding professionals’ event in Crozet, Virginia.  At the event I met a woman named Cass Cannon.  Cass has started her own business, selling salt.  Now you who have been faithfully reading my blog know that I officiated at a salt ceremony, part of a wedding service, earlier this year.  In preparation for that wedding service I learned a lot about the condiment—again, salt.  I learned that in past centuries salt was a very precious commodity.  I learned also that folks used to make salt covenants—that is, they would make a promise and then seal  that promise by exchanging salt granules.  The term, “He’s not worth his salt, ” in fact,  means that a person doesn’t necessarily keep his promise.  The term “He’s the salt of the earth,” means that he can be trusted.  Yes, Cass had heard about salt ceremonies.  Yes, she knows all about salt covenants, and the salt idioms we use in everyday language.   However she is not in the business because she wants to revive these ancient practices.  She’s in the business of selling adulterated salt, because salt, with the combination of certain well selected spices, tastes so GOOD.  And Cass happens to think that her salt, which she puts in cute little jars, make the perfect gift for wedding guests!
Salt has a long history and is sometimes used today in wedding ceremonies
I was so enthralled by what Cass had to say that I just knew you would be interested, too.  So, I interviewed her.  Below are her answers to my questions.  Enjoy the pics, too.
Why salt?
It was my mom’s creation from 40 years back and I’ve never cooked without it. I guess I have also always been a fan of salt. I don’t care for chocolate or sweets but pretzels, olives, salty snacks are my favorite. And my grandmother used to use salt dips for our carrot sticks when we visited her and I always loved how special that was, to have our own little personal salt serving at the table.


What made you want to start a salt business?

Like my mother, I gave away the salt as gifts for years and years. I had been involved in PR and marketing for decades and felt like it was time to finally see if I could indeed sell this wonderful seasoned salt that so many people raved about. Friends were really encouraging and I decided to go for it and market my own product. After thinking about names for months, it became clear that Peg’s Salt was the right choice and then I got busy with making it come to life.
Who buys your salt, and for what purposes?
It really is a product for almost everybody. First, it was mostly girlfriends but then their husbands, boyfriends, kids, and friends started to appreciate it and they began asking for it when they were out.
Where do you get your ingredients?
I buy from a number of sources: Spice Diva, online spice companies, Sam’s Club.  Do you sell salt jars? 
I have a collection of salt boxes, cellars, and dips that I will be displaying and selling for the holidays, most likely in December. I will send out personal invitations to come look at them. They’re amazing! I have some on my web site but the latest and greatest haven’t yet been photographed. I just love the cultural refinement and beauty of having salt displayed or having it close at hand in the kitchen in a beautiful container.Do many brides use your salt for gifts? What has been the response?
I’ve only done three weddings so far but I’m really pleased since people obviously believe in the product so much that they want to share it with friends. One was a beach wedding and the bride and groom liked the idea that the salt has a “sandy” appearance, nor would it melt in the summer sun. Since it goes a long way, it really gives guests something to hold on to and remember. That’s part of the symbolic appeal too: permanence, purity, preservation, and so on.
Do you have a recipe that you would like to share with us?
There are many listed at www.pegssalt.com but one of the easiest is to sprinkle Peg’s Salt over

a good quality olive oil and simply dip bread into it! I advise people to use Peg’s salt  in any of their well-loved recipes, replacing plain salt.  What a difference it makes! Don’t put it in candy or sweet things, though. The garlic notes can get in the way.
How does one order your salt? Paypal? Check?

You can go to www.pegssalt.com and find all the buying information. I take all forms of payment..
Do you have samples? Do you ever do Salt tastings?
I periodically do demos and tastings for my retailers. They get listed on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pegssalt. I carry little samples in my purse wherever I go because I love to spread the word and the experience of using Peg’s Salt.
How long does it take for delivery, once an order is placed?
I can get salt to people in a week, tops.
To find out more about Peg’s salt go to www.pegssalt.com.  Cass’ e-mail address is cass@pegssalt.com.  Enjoy!

And, as always, Happy Wedding Planning!
From your wedding preacher for hire


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