Rain, Rain Go Away, hope it doesn’t rain on MY Wedding Day!

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Rain, Rain Go Away, hope it doesn’t rain on MY Wedding Day!
     Dear engaged couple, 
Until this past weekend, I always had a reassuring response to couples who were making plans for an outdoor wedding.  I would said, “Only one time in my career has a couple moved their wedding inside because of the weather, so you are probably safe.”  That one time, by the way, was at Veritas Vinyard  in Albemarle County.  The wedding was supposed to take place out on the lawn, with the vineyards and the Blue Ridge Mountain as our backdrop. No the couple didn’t move the wedding inside because of rain—or even high winds.  At a predicted 104 degrees it was just too hot for wedding guests to sit comfortably outside. But this past weekend, the couples I married were chanting Rain, rain, go Away, hope it doesn’t rain on MY wedding day.”  
Camel-Trust in God when it comes to the weather, but remember to tie up your camel!

Camel-Trust in God when it comes to the weather, but remember to tie up your came. Indeed, from here on out, I am suggesting that the wise couple will have a rainy day plan.   This rainy weekend proved to me, that you can trust in God, but it still makes sense to have a rain plan (or as the Arabs say, “trust in God but remember to tie up your camel!”)

Indeed, from here on out, I will have to suggest that there’s a possibility that it could rain on their wedding.  Of the three weddings at which I officiated this weekend, two weddings were moved indoors the day of, due to the drizzle.  One wedding was at Veritas Vineyard;  the other at Early Mountain Vineyard in Madison County.  Gratefully, these two vineyards boast large buildings which house tasting rooms and also gathering spaces for weddings—we’re talking large-to-gigantic rooms which can serve as dining areas, or ballrooms.    The staffs at Veritas and Early Mountain were extremely solicitous—moving chairs, and other furniture.  The djs remained calm and yours truly immediately got with the program.  Even though rehearsals were staged outdoors, I huddled with the bride, groom and wedding party as we quick, re-blocked the wedding.  Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch, to my mind, anyway.  
Please, Lord, hold off on the rain!
The OTHER wedding, however, took place at an historic farm in Gordonsville, VA,–Wolf Trap Farm.  The couple rented the grounds and the manor house for the weekend.    A lot of the couple’s friends and family members were from out-of-town.  They stayed at the historic home. The place slept something like 35 people, so financially speaking it was a good deal.  The couple had planned an outdoor wedding rehearsal, an outdoor rehearsal barbecue dinner, and an outdoor wedding and reception. They imagined that their guests could hike the farm, and ride the horses, which would have been fine if the weather had cooperated.  But it didn’t.  All activity had to happen indoors or away from the farm.  The historic home’s rooms were small.  People gathered in those for eating the barbecue and the food for the reception, but there just was not anywhere other than outside for everyone to gather for the marriage ceremony. SO….the wedding was held outside in the rain.  Yours truly and the bride and groom stood under a small tent but the couples friends and relatives had to squosh under umbrellas and pray that the the ceremony was short (it was).
Site of outdoor wedding--in the rain

Site of outdoor wedding–in the raincouple’s guests and the rest of the wedding party had to brave the wet and cold, many of them holding umbrellas.

A good idea might be to check out tent rentals BEFORE the big day if you are planning that outdoor wedding, and if your venue does not have a big gathering room as an alternate space. Otherwise, you will worry up to the day of.  Who needs that?! 
Some rental companies that rent tents in Charlottesville are:  MS Rentals,  434- 984-1155;
Central Virginia Rental, 434-326-0223;
and Virginia Tent Rental, 434-296-7595. 
In Richmond, some places to try are Party Perfect Rental, (804) 359-2400; and Topside Party Rental, 804-751-0202. 
Happy Wedding Planning!
Your Wedding Preacher for Hire
This wedding was held at Veritas Vineyard--under the terrace roof with after-wedding pics inside

This wedding was held at Veritas Vineyard–under the terrace roof with after-wedding pics inside

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