The Technology of Weddings

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The Technology of Weddings
Dear Engaged Couple-
      Last weekend I officiated at a wedding at Natural Bridge in Virginia.  The couple had provided for a processional and a recessional.  That is they had recorded wedding tunes on their ipod.  The ipod rested on a bench near where the couple would be saying their vows.  Next to it, was another small device.   That small device looked for all the world like a lint remover. It was small, easy to grip, and it was textury, if you get my drift.   Add to that that the father of the bride wore a tux, and the groom, his navy blue uniform.  So a lint remover would have been appropriate. 
However, once the service was underway, I noted that the lint remover was actually a speaker.  The father of the bride said it was a “UE” device.  I couldn’t imagine that the music coming from that small coke can size device would carry well in that large, airy space just below Natural Bridge, but really!  It did the trick. 
Last weekend’s wedding got me to thinking about other technological devices that have influenced the way we do weddings today  For instance, when I officiate at a large wedding out- of-doors, you can be sure that my voice won’t carry far enough.  I DO project, I promise, however, even a gentle breeze blowing the wrong way, will impede the guests’ hearing ability.  However, it is possible to be miles from an electrical outlet,  and still be wired for sound!  Many DJ’s own sound systems with generators.  And, many DJ’s have microphones, both handheld and lapel, which they don’t mind bringing to the service, and then later, to the reception. 
Moderately priced Camcorder
from Best Buy
Not too many engaged couples go to the expense of hiring a videographer for their wedding, however, sometimes at the last minute someone close to the family takes ill.  The couple decides last minute to do a do-it-yourself recording.  A quick trip to Best Buy opened my eyes to the many varieties of camcorders on the market today.   I have included some pics in this blog. 
Be sure you have a tripod for video
taping a wedding!
If you DO go to the expense of getting a video camera, please don’t forget.  You’ll need a  tripod.  Whoever is doing the recording is not going to be able to hold a camera steady for the length of the service.  I would think that Ebay or Craig’s List might be good places to try for these.  The ones at Best Buy were rather pricey. 
Another way  to have your distant loved ones present, though they be miles away, is to Skype the service.  I have only done this once, actually, and at the last minute, the people on the other end (the bride’s parents who were infirm and living in England) accidentally hit mute.  They missed hearing the service, although they could see it.   
 A person behind the counter at Best Buy told me that a techy friend of his, wired his own wedding reception.  He turned two TV screens into two way cameras, so that there could be two way conversations with infirm family members who remained at home.  He also said that this techy friend set up a virtual game of ping-pong for the reception, which guests played throughout the evening.  Awesome. 
All of this is new to the wedding scene, but some stuff, of course, forever remains the same.  The bride and groom still say I Do; they still exchange rings.  Thank goodness there is a modicum of tradition left in what is traditionally a traditional event! 

More cordless, portable speakers–cute, too!

Happy wedding planning, Your Wedding Preacher

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