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My car with license plate
Dear engaged couple-
My license plate reads soulwmn—short for soulwoman, since I am a woman of the cloth  Today I want to talk about shoes—so just for today, my moniker is not soulwoman but solewoman.  Specifically I want to talk about the soles that brides and bridesmaids wear at the wedding service.  So sorry groom and groomsmen, you can go fish or watch a football game while your significant other reads this.
 What I would like to discuss today is the KIND of shoe that you might consider wearing at a wedding service, IF you are a bride or bridesmaid and IF the wedding in which you will be a main player (bride) or a participant (bridesmaids), is outside. Like bleach and ammonia, like alcohol and drugs, high heels and gravel or grass, don’t mix.    
 I know, I know, high heels, especially those extra high, high heels are so sophisticated, and well, “in,” but take it from an experienced wedding officiant, they are not a good choice.
Several weeks ago, a bridesmaid was wearing those extra high heels.   She twisted her ankle minutes before the wedding service was to begin.  She assured us she would be fine.  She walked down the aisle on cue and without a limp, she stood on both feet with the other bridesmaids during the service, but safe to say she did NOT dance the night away at the reception following.   
Of course brides who wear long dresses (and sometimes long dresses with trains) run a particular risk if they wear high heels.  It is easy to get tangled up in the dress fabric, and then, down you go.  Over the years, I have actually only lost one bride, but that was one bride too many.  She was walking down the aisle when—oops!   I’m not sure whether her gown tripped her up, or if her high heels got stuck in the grass.   Luckily her dad had her arm, and was able to pull her up quickly.  She didn’t even lose her bouquet.  It could have been so much worse. All she damaged was her pride. 
Plastic caps for high heels-called solemates
This weekend I officiated at a wedding.  The bride and bridesmaids wore solemates.  These are plastic caps that slide easily over high heels.  The solemates are wide at the bottom, so theoretically, they offer stability to your otherwise unstable shoes.  WRONG!  The bride’s and bridesmaids’ heels poked right through those  plastic caps.  So don’t waste your money!
Some brides wear flipflops!
When brides and bridesmaids wear long gowns they can get away with wearing flats.  Who’s to know, really? One bride I married recently wore tennis shoes under her gorgeous gown, another bride I married not long ago wore flip flops.  These to me are the MOST sensible of shoes to wear on your special day.    
So there you have it.  My take on weddings and shoes.   As always, happy wedding planning!
Your Solewoman, err, Wedding Preacher

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