Marriage Myths

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Marriage Myths
                                          This couple married at their home. No witnesses–just
                                            the romantic duo and me.  So lovely, so memorable!  
Dear Engaged Couple,
Today I want to talk about some myths regarding marriage—precisely the myths regarding what is required in order to be legally wed.  IT is NOT true that people who want to wed must first undergo blood tests.  That used to be the case back in the 30’s and 40’s but not anymore.  Back then, the tests were required  as a preventative measure against the spread of syphilis.  If it was determined that one half of the couple, had syphilis, that half could be treated and avoid exposing his or her mate.  No state now requires blood tests for syphilis before a marriage license can be obtained, although in the not-too-distant past two states did briefly require blood testing for HIV. 
Another myth is that witnesses are required to sign the marriage license.  NOT so, at least in Virginia.  I often officiate at weddings in which the only people present are the bride, groom and me. Yes, most people invite friends and family to the event, but guests and family members are not a necessary component of the wedding service. This is simply the couple’s preference.    
Sometimes after a wedding ceremony I will be cornered by the bride or groom—“Don’t leave until we’ve had a chance to sign the marriage license.”  Again, the only person who signs the marriage license, once it is obtained from the circuit court, and once the vows are said is….you got it, little ole’ me—your wedding officiant.   Never knew how important a role I play, did you? 
Wedding license–I sign the bottom part
No blood tests, no witnesses, no signatures other than that of the officiant—this really makes the whole legal process of getting married, well, almost as easy as pie.  So, if you are on the fence about whether to marry or not to marry, don’t let the hassle of getting a marriage license stand in your way.  It’s not a hassle.  Really.  It’s not.  And once you get your license, you will need an officiant.  I just happen to have someone in mind!  Your Wedding Preacher 

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