Ever Think of having your Wedding in France? Read on!

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Ever Think of having your Wedding in France? Read on!
Strolling along the Champs Elysee window shopping

Dear engaged couple—It’s been a few week.  I have been off in Paris, and touring Normandy, too.  What fun!  So today I thought I would let you in on some of what I learned about wedding opportunities while I was away, and also give you a glimpse of my travels.  Here goes!

Want to have THE ring of a life time, and then some—to be passed on to daughter to daughter or son to son for their brides.  If you have the money, why not shop for your engagement and wedding rings along the Champs Elysee in Paris?  Here are a few pics of rings I saw while window shopping.  No, I don’t know the  price of these.  I am sure they are tres cheres.  As I said, this is only IF you have the money.

If you decide to stay in Paris for your wedding proper, assuming your guests will have enough money to make the trip, or assuming you can pay for their plane fare and overnight stay, why  not try Sacre Coeur at least for your before wedding pics?  In this picture you see a couple and their photographer on the steps of this beautiful Basilica in Paris.  It is one of the must-sees of the city.  Only problem is there are A LOT of tourists there and a lot of steps to climb to get to there.  Maybe best to rent a chauffeur for trip there and back. 

This bride and groom are having
their wedding pics taken
at Sacre Coeur

Wonderful place for your wedding (see church above) and your


As far as places for your wedding proper, may I recommend Normandy, France.  My oh my did we see a beautiful church there.  Old, as well, the entire village in which we found it—the village of Bechet.  The picture I took says it all.  Right next to the church is a refurbished building—it looked to me like the mayor’s mansion or something—but the sign out front says that it can be rented for events—including wedding receptions.  Mon Dieu! What a great idea!  And, for you and your overnight guests and family members, may I recommend the Moulin de Bechet, which is a restored mill.  The accommodations were tremendous, the food delicieux and the staff, friendly beyond friendly. 

In closing, I thought I should share a picture with you of my traveling companions.  What fun.  Yours,

Gay Lee

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