Wedding Blues

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Wedding Blues

Dear Engaged Couple-
Disaster nearly ruined a wedding at which I officiated several Saturdays back.  Acting quickly, though, the couple I was to marry was able to turn apples into apple sauce, or rotten bananas into banana bread, something like that.  It happened like this.
Besides being in love with each other they are both in love with the husband-to-be’s  daughter—a winsome girl—8 years old who loves her dad, and her dad’s girlfriend, even more than she loves animals, sports and the out-of-doors.  In fact it was this daughter who prodded her dad and his girlfriend to tie the knot.  
The couple and the daughter actually live in Florida, but they decided to return to the bride-to-be’s home, in Richmond, Virginia, to exchange their vows.  Their decision made, they phoned family members with the news about the impending nuptials.  Everyone was SO happy and excited.  They sent out invitations, bought the requisite wedding dress and shoes, and made plans for the 10 hour road trip from Florida to Richmond.  In long distance conversation with me, the couple decided to make the daughter a prominent part of the service.  The three of them would participate in a sand ceremony—a visual representation of the uniting of three people into one family.
 And then.  To quote Robert Burns:  The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley.” (The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.)  These in-love, soon to be married mice were dumbfounded to get a phone call from the daughter literally a day before their trip.  She was at the hospital.  She had been playing on the school playground, when she fell and broke her collarbone.  Now that doesn’t sound so very bad, except broken collarbones HURT and the hospital doc opined that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to transport the poor girl via car ten hours; even if it WAS to attend/participate in her dad’s and girlfriend’s wedding.  Dad, girlfriend, daughter, were all devastated.
 What to do?  Too late to call off the wedding.  The couple quickly arranged for a videographer.  And then,  dad and his girlfriend did their very best to include the daughter in the ceremony.  See for yourself the results of their efforts. Oh, and just so you know.  The sand ceremony will still take place—in Florida, time and place TBA.  Crisis averted. 

Your Wedding Preacher

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