The Westwood Club in Richmond, What a Venue!

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The Westwood Club in Richmond, What a Venue!

The Westwood Club

Dear Engaged Couple-

 As you may know, I officiate at weddings both in Charlottesville and Richmond.  Charlottesville is a hub for weddings—mostly because of the outlying area’s many vineyards.  Latest word is that 3,000 weddings took place in the vicinity in  2011.  Awesome!  Richmond, though?   Well, that’s another story.  Not that Richmond doesn’t have some lovely venues.  HISTORIC venues.  There’s the Jefferson Hotel, and the John Marshall Ballroom, for instance.  You want something more modern, you say?  Well the two Boathouse Restaurants are way trendy and made-to-order for weddings and receptions, both.  However, a little known fact is that the Westwood Club is open to non-members for your wedding and reception.  I say “a little known fact,” because club rules are that the Westwood cannot advertise.  I do not know why this is so.
One of the dining rooms at the Westwood
 All I DO know is that the Westwood Club has a lot going for it that those historic, downtown venues do not.  For one thing,  there is ample FREE parking.  And,  I can tell you for a fact, that the Westwood Club is also beautiful, if even in a modern way.   See for yourself in the pics that accompany this article.  Finally,  the banquet and catering manager of the Westwood is easy going, yet on-task (she kept our appointment) and gracious, too.  Her name is Tammy McCoy. 
I discovered the Westwood Club when I looking for a Richmond host for my pre-marital counseling workshop.  That is how I came to meet Tammy.  Since I always have your best interests at heart, I bombarded her with questions, knowing I would pass that information on to you.  Here is what I learned:

Me: What is the maximum number of people you can handle at a reception?
Side entrance to he Westwood
Tammy:  Depending on the format of the reception, we recommend a maximum of 150 for a seated or buffet style reception and up to 500 for a heavy hors d’oeuvres reception.

Me:  How far in advance must I reserve a space?
Tammy:  There is no time restraint on advance reservations as long as the date is available.

Me:  Do you have a catering service or must I engage my own?
Tammy:  All food and beverages are provided by the Westwood—except for the wedding cake.
Me:  Must I provide tables, chairs, linens, etc?
Tammy:  The Westwood will provide tables, chairs with basic white linens and yes, we will provide set up and knock-down for these.  If the couple is bringing in rental equipment not owned by the Westwood, the external vendor is expected to provide set up and take down for these.

Me:  Do you have a sound system? 
Tammy:  We offer a variety of a/v equipment.

Me:  What spaces are available for weddings? Do you provide space for outdoor weddings?
Tammy:  Weddings take place in our ballroom and outside at the pool area.

Me:  Do you allow liquor to be served at the reception?  Do I need to hire a bartender?

Tammy:  We are licensed and will provide any beer/wine/alcohol needed for receptions.  We will also provide bartenders and other staffing for the event. 

So you see?  Isn’t this a great place for your wedding?  Tammy’s phone number is 804-381-5645—or e-mail her at

Enjoy the pics!  Your Wedding Preacher

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