A New Year’s Eve Wedding?

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A New Year’s Eve Wedding?

Dear Engaged Couple—

     Several weeks ago I wrote about the good things that can come from getting married during the Christmas holidays—your friends and family members don’t have to take time off from work, people are in a celebratory mood, and venues may offer special deals, since December is generally not as popular a month for weddings, as say May or June.   

    Ditto for New Year’s Eve.   Not only will your guests have more time off for travel and enjoying your and each other’s company, air fare is cheaper (at least on New Year’s Day it is).  And, think of how you might decorate with a New Year’s theme—lights and glitter, strobe lights and banners, noise makers, hats and confetti. 

Perhaps your guests, as did those at the wedding at which I officiated December 31st, will get into —wearing extra glitzy party wear, too—we’re talking glitzy shoes and sequined dresses for the women and tuxes for the men.  If you are serving a meal at the reception, you will have a nearly complete prescribed menu:  that is, pork and sauerkraut,  blackeyed peas and of course, champagne.    

John Marshall Ballrooms
Note the huge chandelier

   The wedding at which I officiated on New Year’s Eve was held at a posh Richmond venue, The John Marshall Ballrooms.  It’s historic for sure, located in Richmond’s historic downtown district.  The venue has high ceilings, a broad, dramatic stairway, huge, sparkling chandeliers, marble floors, and even a hat check person, who to my mind, completes the aura of a late-19th century hôtele elegante.

The bride and her close friend created the backdrop for the ceremony you see in the picture to the right—lights on a partition.  The draped fabric is actually two sheer drapes that happened to be on hand.  What a lovely, celebratory creation! 

Yes, New Year’s may be just the time to host your wedding ceremony and reception.  Why not pin this article now to your Pinterest board and begin working toward that end.  A New Year’s wedding is a fun, meaningful, and practical way to ring in the new year and begin your new life as a married couple!   Your Wedding Preacher

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