A Glorious Place for a Wedding!

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A Glorious Place for a Wedding!

The chapel at Trump’s vineyard

 Dear Engaged couple-

    Today I want to let my pictures speak louder than words.  Yesterday I had the privilege to visit Trump Vineyard’s chapel which is now being offered to engaged couples as an alternative space to hold their weddings—the other spaces being the Trump vineyard, which overlooks a beautiful pond/lake;  a humongous barn, with room enough for the Eiffel Tower turned long-wise; and another renovated barn-like structure, big too, with an ample bar, and a grandiose, sparkling chandelier hanging from above.  This latter building used to be the site of cattle shows.  Like the barn, this space is also humongous and is big enough, well, for cattle shows.
The barn–spacious enough for the
Eiffel Tower

But we were talking about the chapel.
A section of the ceiling mural–note Virginia
wildlife and American Indian
Sarah Elizabeth, Trump Vineyard’s kind and reliable tasting room manager and overseer of events, gave me a tour. She tells me that the chapel was formerly owned by wealthy financier Patricia Kluge.  It has recently been added to the Trump Estate.  Patricia Kluge decorated it herself, and my, does she have a fine decorating sense.  A mural on the ceiling depicts scenes from Virginia—note the American Indians and the local birds. 

 It’s the details though, that really add to the beauty of the whole. For instance, there’s a little bench in the balcony.  It has a fitted cushion.  There is no room in the balcony for guests—can’t imagine anyone ever actually using the bench— except a wedding photographer maybe.  There IS room for a pianist in that balcony, though,  and there’s even an electric keyboard.  Engaged couples take note, if you are pondering what to do about music for your ceremony. 

      The chapel doesn’t hold a lot of people;  about 60 I’d say.   But,  if your guest list is on the small side, this may be just the spot for you.  

     Enjoy the pics.   Phone number to call for your own tour and/or booking: 434-977-3895. 

Your Wedding Preacher

The front of the chapel–called the chancel
Close  up of chancel area
Just one of many little details 
The pews–again, note the detail!

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