Advice from a Decorator

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Advice from a Decorator

The new couple’s first dance

You want to know how to decorate for your wedding and reception?  Find out how a decorator does it. 

Rodes Farm in Nelson County, Virginia
Several weeks ago, I had the privilege to officiate at the wedding of a bonafide decorator, Vanessa.  She and her (now) husband , Michael, live in Richmond, but their destination wedding took place at Rodes Farm in Nelson County, VA, about a one-and-a-half hour drive from the capitol of our dear state.  Don’t try to find a web page for Rodes—it doesn’t have one, but trust me.  This is a gorgeous piece of property with a breath-arresting view of the mountains.  The farm has a scattering of houses on it, all for rent.  Makes me wonder if it is sometimes used as a familes’ retreat center.  What a perfect place to house wedding guests over night or for the entire weekend! And of course, there is a big red barn on the property (see photo) large enough to seat all of Nelson County, I suspect.   There was enough room for tables, chairs for the couple’s 120 guests, plus a generous dance floor.    
If this sounds like the place for your wedding, call (434) 996-8669 and ask to speak to Ms. Bendle. 

Talk about taste!  We were talking about taste, right, as in fashion sense?  The bride had it in spades.  And, her designer/engineer/carpenter husband is savvy enough to take her ideas and run with them.  Need I say that theirs is a match made in heaven?

From floral arrangements at the ceremony, to table settings, to barnlights,  this wedding would make even the bride’s fellow decorators drool—understated but fashionable with a wee bit of the whimsical thrown in. The bride homed in on the farm theme—we’re talking burlap tablecloths and paper doily placemats.  The reception’s evening repast was ink pressed on the doilies by a friend and want-a-be wedding decorator for all things paper (we’re talking invitations, envelopes, thank you notes, placecards, etc.).  Email or call me and I will give you her name and e-mail address. 
 Feast your eyes on these photos and then, get busy!  Enjoy. 
Your wedding preacher for hire
Placemat doily inkpressed
The florist was the bride’s mother!
Burlap table cloth, simple setting–a barn!

The ring bearer and two flower girls completed the wedding party

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