Why I Like the Glass House Winery

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Why I Like the Glass House Winery

Wedding at the Glass House–with lake in background

 There are getting to be so many vineyards in the Charlottesville area, that Charlottesvillians have the opportunity to pick and choose from among them. “Let me see, today is Wednesday…think I’ll have my before-dinner aperitif at White Hall. Tomorrow, I’ll check in at Veritas.”

The deck at Glass House Vineyard–just off the tasting room
 My flat out favorite winery is called The Glass House in Free Union, Virginia—a short 20 minute drive if you live on the south side of Charlottesville, as I do.  It’s not as big as some of the other vineyards, nor is it as well-established.  Indeed, the owners, Jeff and Michelle Sanders have only been in the area for six years.  But that is good.  There is an excitement about the place.  It is still growing—not just maintaining.  And Jeff and Michelle are friendly and accessible.  They are real people’s people— They just don’t manage their property–they circulate–get to know their clientele.  They practice hospitality.

 But I was talking about the vineyard….This year has seen the planting of six more acres of vines (from six acres to twelve acres) and the establishment of a bed and breakfast.  The bed and breakfast, particularly, is a natural for couples who decide to marry at the vineyard.  They can dress at the B&B before the wedding and then return there for their first night as a married couple.  The B&B, by the way, is run by a friendly and colorful husband and wife duo, with longtime ties to the area.

The Glass House winery’s Greenhouse
As a few other vineyards in our area, the Glass House boasts a small lake, or large pond.  That means that if you choose this venue for your wedding, and you decide to say your vows outside, you can have both water AND a vineyard for your backdrop. That’s what a bride and groom who married there this weekend decided to do.  However, I have to tell you, I was a tad disappointed when it did NOT rain the day of the wedding.  The Glass House has a tasting room and off that tasting room is a large greenhouse furnished with tables and chairs.   The greenhouse is home to all sorts of exotic plants—including several banana trees.  That’s right.  The Greenhouse is large enough to accommodate banana trees!  So imagine if you are the bride, walking down the aisle, clusters of bananas overhead. Add a life-sized stuffed lion, and a cockatoo, and voila—what a photo op!   I tell you, I am holding out hope that one day I will be able to officiate in this jungle setting.   

The Glass House Winery is located in Free Union, Virginia.  From Charlottesville, take Barracks Road west (it eventually becomes Garth Road).  Turn right onto Free Union Road (at an old grocery store).  Follow Free Union 7.9 miles.  The vineyard will be on your left.  The person to talk with is Linda, ever so friendly, and definitely concerned that your wedding will be as wonderful as you imagined.   Her phone number is 434-975-0094.  Check it out.  Your Wedding Preacher
Add a stuffed lion and a cockatoo, and voila! 


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