Oh the Places you’ll Go; Oh, the People You’ll Meet!

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Oh the Places you’ll Go; Oh, the People You’ll Meet!

Dear Engaged Couples and Newlyweds-

     “Oh the Places you’ll Go; Oh, the People you’ll Meet!”  You remember those lines?  They are from Dr. Seuss’s book, Oh the Places You’ll Go.  Who would have thought a year ago that those lines were meant for me!  And yet, since starting my business (in September, finally, after getting my webpage up and running and making some important connections with other wedding professionals), I have visited lots of eye-popping, breathtaking and downright spiritual spots in this state of ours. And, more importantly, I have met a multitude of wonderful, interesting, in-love people.  I thought I might spend this blog reviewing the breadth and the depth of this year’s work with you. 

First, places.  This past year I traveled all over central Virginia, and then some. I have a map of Virginia stretched out before me as I write this—in fact, I bought a map of Virginia just so I could better locate the places you live and where you have chosen to say your vows.  I have officiated at weddings as far flung as Williamsburg to the East, Northern Virginia to the North (McLean), Harrisonburg to the West, and (in a few weeks) Blacksburg to the West and South, putting 19,000 miles on my car since January 1, 2012. I have married couples on historic, circa 1750 plantations, and on a fog-draped overlook on Skyline Drive.  I have officiated at weddings in flowery parks, on sun baked beaches, and in well-manicured vineyards.  I have pronounced couples man and wife in their homes, in their backyards, and on a pier stretching out on a lake.  I have listened as couples repeated their vows in restaurants and at a bed and breakfast.  And oh, yes, I have actually served as celebrant in several churches. How passé!   In all these places, as the couples themselves, I have marveled at God’s gift of creation—and at God’s gift of love, which is so basic to the created order of our universe. 

But in this past year, I have been most impressed by the many people with whom I have come in contact– different backgrounds, lifestyles and traditions.  And I have been heartily surprised by the delicious mix of people who have fallen in love with each other,  which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt for me that opposites attract. You have taught me about different traditions—jumping the broom in the African-American culture, the tea drinking tradition of Korea, the Lazo tradition of Mexico.  You have introduced me to new poets and you have taught me a thing or two about love.  For instance, one of you told me that every day you make it a point to say “I love you,” to each other—something I now practice with the love-of-my life. 

So, thank you.  Thank you for coaxing me out of my safe life in Charlottesville to visit new places; thank you for teaching me more about this wide and diverse world we live in; and thank you for sharing such an important an intimate moment of your lives with me.  What a privilege!  What grace!   With much joy and anticipation I am looking forward to another year of wedding officiating.

Your Wedding Preacher for Hire

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