The Sands of Time Pass Slowly By

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The Sands of Time Pass Slowly By

Dear Engaged Couple,

     If you have been following my blogs, then you know that last week I talked about the sand ceremony which is becoming fashionable for weddings.  Specifically, I mentioned methods for coloring sand or if you would rather not tackle this project, where to buy colored sand.   Since then I have heard back from a bride-to-be, that one place to buy sand and containers for the sand—online—is at  She and her groom-to-be ordered a personalized black shadow box container in which to pour the sand plus two vessels to contain the sand, pre-ceremony. It’s a good choice.  The company will artfully print your names and the date of your wedding on the shadow box’s glass.  I envision that the shadow box could rest on a fireplace mantle—or hang on a wall—in your bedroom, perhaps?  The vessels have modern curvy lines—and at a significant height so that they can be well-seen by people at the back of the gathering space, during the ceremony itself.  They would make elegant flower vases later on, I think.  

The shadowbox plus the two vessels cost $ 54.99 and the sand runs $5.75 per 16 ounce bottle from Custom Weddng Shop.   Shipping is $12.00 within the 48 states.

Also last week I promised to put together words for a sand ceremony.  Here is what I have come up with. I suggest doing this part of the service immediately following the exchange of rings.  I offer it to you, to be tweaked to your liking. 

Happy wedding planning. 

Gay Lee Einstein, Wedding Preacher

___________________ and ________________ wanted to find a way to visually represent for you and for each other what this marriage means to them.  They decided to make the sand ceremony part of their wedding service.  It’s a fairly new tradition as far as traditions go, but a very meaningful one.  

 In fact, there are various meanings we can take away from this ceremony.  The phrase the sands of time came immediately to my mind when_____________________  and I discussed the sand ceremony together.  You know, the sands of the hour glass?  The idea is that each of us has a set number of years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes on this earth.—Each of our lives, then, is an hour glass.As you, ___________  and ____________, pour your sand into one container and the colored grains comingle and blend together;  just so your days on earth from this day forward will also comingle and blend together.  

We might also think of these two containers as filled with sand collected from along your separate life paths, for certainly each of you_______________ and _____________ has a path that you are following.  You are, like each of us, “on the road.”  Today, then, marks the beginning of the merging or confluence of your separate life paths.  On this new single path there will be occasional pot holes, to be got around. Together you must find a way to navigate those.  Perhaps one or the other of you will stray from the path, to pick a wild flower, maybe, or to rest your tired feet.  Then the other will wait patiently by, until you can resume your journey together.  Today you pledge that you will never, ever leave the other stranded.    

Pouring of sand.

_______________________ The minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of your lives are now dedicated to each other; your separate paths are now one life journey.  May the sands of time pass slowly by so that you can enjoy every blessed moment, and may your path be smooth and mostly downhill. Finally, may there be wildflowers aplenty to encourage and cheer you along the way.

Much happiness as you continue to make plans for your big day.  Yours, The Wedding Preacher

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