A Great Vineyard! And it ‘s called Trump!

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A Great Vineyard! And it ‘s called Trump!
Wedding-ready at Trump vineyard–note the Weeping Willow

Dear engaged couple—

If you are only just starting to look for wedding venues in the Charlottesville area , may I recommend Trump Vineyard.  No, please don’t exit this blog, yet.  I know, Donald Trump is loved by few, and as I discovered from my own personal polling of four people in a doctor’s office waiting room, reviled by many. The negative impressions probably stretch beyond Virginia’s borders, but prejudice is no doubt especially strong in C’ville.  That is because Donald recently bought an expanse of land including a vineyard and a winery from Patricia Kluge.  She’s a Charlottesville transplant perhaps, but she has lived here for the past twenty years.  And, I should mention that she and her former husband, John Kluge, gave gobs of money to worthy causes in our area, including the Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center. 

On the other hand, Donald was born and raised in New York City, where he still lives most of the time.  That makes him a non-Virginian, indeed, a non-Southerner.   As far as anyone knows, he has not donated any money to causes in our dear city.  Generous does not seem to be his middle name—or his last or first name either.     

All of which is to say that Charlottesvillians were p.o.ed when Virginia’s own Patricia Kluge sold her vineyard and winery to Donald.

However, politics aside, the Trump vineyard actually has a lot going for it.  I officiated at a wedding there last weekend and I tell you it is a gorgeous place.  Now, please don’t confuse as I did, the vineyard, and its environs (that is, the place where weddings are held) with the tasting room.  They are in the same proximity, but they are more than spittin’ distance from each other. You actually have to drive from one to the other.  Ok, I guess you could walk, but it would be a very long walk. 
Next to the vineyard is a large pond, or maybe it’s a small lake.  The two make an awesome backdrop for an outdoor wedding—and did I mention there is a breathtaking weeping willow in the vicinity, too?

 Eric Trump, Donald’s son, actually runs the property–although mostly from his home in New York.  He has recently refurbished the vineyard’s buildings.  One building used to be a stable, but it has been transformed into an awesome meeting space, with bathrooms, a kitchen, dressing rooms, kitchen, and bar. Only the weathered wood exterior gives it away as a former barn. 

A former building for cattle shows, now a stand-alone ball room
I have been told that the other building, constructed in the round, used to be used for cattle shows. Like the barn, it also has a weathered exterior.  Since its renovation it is a perfect space for very large meetings, weddings, or a even an elegant ball.

Speaking about elegance, both buildings themselves are elegantly rustic—which sounds oxymoronic, but really isn’t.  The rusticity (I doubt that is a word, but you get my drift) suggests a country theme.  The elegance suggests, well, suggests Donald Trump–or at least his affinity for things expensive.   

The person you want to talk with if you want to learn more about the Trump vineyard is Tracy—a warm, solicitous soul who is in charge of events at Trump Winery.  She’ll give you a tour.  You won’t be disappointed. Tell her Gay Lee sent you. 
A former barn, now an elegantly rustic meeting place

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