It’s a Sign from Heaven!

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It’s a Sign from Heaven!

Sign at wedding reception

You know the movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks that has to do with signs, right?  Sleepless in Seattle.  Meg Ryan as Annie Reed is looking for signs from God, or perhaps signs from the cosmos, to assure her that the man she is about to marry is her Mr. Right.  The signs are there, but alas, they are not the right signs.  So for instance, Annie tries onher mother’s wedding dress and the sleeve rips.  Oops! Better run, Hon.  
Annie’s life is full of OTHER signs, though; signs pointing to the real Mr. Right.  He’s a widower named Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) living in Seattle.  And so, Annie follows the signs to Sam, and they both live happily ever after.

Reserved seat for deceased loved ones
Signs are big at weddings.  Especially at outdoor weddings, signs direct people to the actual wedding site (see insert to right) or the reception.  Other signs reserve seating for the immediate families of the bride and groom.  One of the most memorable signs I have seen of late reserved a chair for deceased family members of the bride and groom—an empty chair indicating that despite their absence, their deceased loved ones were not forgotten on that most special of days (see insert on left). Some wedding signs are professionally printed, but others are handmade. 

Perfect wedding spot–Two Rivers’ Pergola

I know this is superstitious and probably naïve, too, but I am always on the lookout for signs.  I found one last Saturday at a wedding at which I officiated in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The bride and groom planned to say their vows under the stunning roof of a pergola on the grounds at Two Rivers Country Club.  The Pergola’s floor is constructed of brick.  Etched  into the brick are the names of financial contributors to the pergola and grounds.  Now here you need to know that the couple I married are named Patrick and Kate. While rehearsing the wedding the Friday before the Saturday afternoon service, the best man, who was standing inside the Pergola, noted with awe and maybe a hint of reverence, “Gee, the brick I’m standing on has the name Kate Patrick.”  Now I ask you, isn’t that wild? I mean who is named Kate Patrick?  Except of course Kate Patrick.  But how did the best man come to be standing on THAT brick, at THAT wedding?  It’s a sign, I tell you.  The wedding party thought so, too.

I predict that this wedding will last a lifetime. I don’t need a sign to predict that—this couple is MFEO*. But it’s nice to believe that God or the cosmos has blessed this wedding. Much happiness, Kate and Patrick.  
A Sign?!!!

From the Wedding Preacher

·         MFEO means Made For Each Other

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