Let me Show you my Etching!

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Let me Show you my Etching!

Photo by KM Studios
Dear Engaged Couples:

    Although I married many moons ago, I still remember the panic I experienced as I tried to find gifts for my bridal party. I wanted something that was personalized—something that would speak to our friendship—our long lasting connection.   After many sleepless nights I am sure, I finally settled on candleholders.   Stupid brass candleholders; nothing personal to them–just silly little doodads to clutter a table or bookcase. 

 When my daughter recently married, she also had difficulty deciding on gifts.  Her situation was made worse when her sisters chimed in about what THEY would like to receive.  My daughter (the one getting married) finally settled on monogrammed cloth bags—you know the ones that you can never have too many of—for hauling gym clothes, groceries, beach towels, you get the idea.  Now THOSE were great gifts. 

Etched glass
    I just recently ran across another great gift idea, though.  Etched glass.  The female half of a couple I married earlier this week, had personally etched drinking glasses for the entire wedding party—one glass per guest.  She had thoughtfully etched our first names on them.  I was touched by her thoughtfulness.  I was also curious as to how she was able to craft such wonderful, personalized gifts.  Turns out, it’s not that difficult.  Stores like K-mart and Walmart actually sell glass etching kits for about $25.  And, you can order kits online.  As to the how to’s, I discovered a myriad of how-to videos on You Tube.  The important ingredient for etching is the “etching cream.”  You smear that on your glass, on which you have already marked out a design, and voila!  The cream is comprised of an acid that leaves a permanent mark on the glass.

 The possibilities for etched glass wedding gifts stretch the imagination—wine glasses, juice glasses, mirrors, vases, glass Christmas tree ornaments—I’m sure you can come up with ideas of your own.
Wedding-cupcake stand
   So, don’t sweat over this one detail of your wedding.  Set aside some time –a half day maybe, to complete the project.  Better yet, complain that you don’t have time with all the other things you have to do toward your wedding, and maybe a friend or relative will take pity and complete the project for you.
     Now, the bride of whom I have just been writing, also constructed her own wedding cupcake stand….but THAT’S another story, another day, another blog. 
     Happy etching!  Gay Lee, Wedding Preacher


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