How to get a Marriage License, Take Two

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How to get a Marriage License, Take Two

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How to get your marriage license in the state of Virginia; time frame for getting the license, documentation needed, where to go.

Dear Engaged Couple–I know, I know, I wrote a blog about how to get a marriage license last  year, but still the question gets asked.  So, I thought I would put something up on You Tube.  I know that I myself learn better when someone tells me something face-to-face than when I read it.  So, here you go.  Go to the site listed below.   Who knows?  Maybe this video will make me famous!?  Yes, I’ll get discovered and before long you’ll see me in some movie playing opposite George Clooney. Of course, I’ll still make plenty of time to do weddings.  They are so exciting; moving; precious, memorable–the adjectives keep coming.   

Take care. Until next week, hope you can enjoy this beautiful Virginia spring weather.  Gay Lee

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