Flowers by Zoie

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Flowers by Zoie

Dear Engaged couple—

Zoie at her wedding floral shop

As you maybe know, I am really, really “into” this wedding business.  I love meeting couples, hearing their stories, and putting a service together that is memorable and meaningful .  Occasionally I meet someone in the “wedding industry” who is just as excited and passionate about what he or she does as am I.  Then, the words just fly.  That is the case with Zoie, a florist who specializes in wedding arrangements.  I met her several weeks ago and we talked fast and long.  After talking weddings,  flowers, and wedding officiating,  I decided to visit her establishment (on Mechanicsville Turnpike in Mechanicsville, VA).  Zoie’s flower shop is actually in a corner of her antique shop—which means you can order your flowers and then spend some time looking at the great collection of antiques and conversation pieces that she has brought together.  One stop shopping for sure!      

 What follows is a Q and A about her work.  Enjoy.

 How did you get involved in the floral arrangement business? 

Zoie’s wedding and events work space
I worked for a locally owned florist—Vogue Florist—for ten years.  I learned everything about the florist business during that time—designing, managing, selling, marketing, and wedding consulting.  I loved every day I got up and went to work!  My mother owned a dinette and barstool retail shop and eventually, with her blessings, I turned it into a florist shop/home consignment shop.  The two businesses share a store front. 

What make Flowers by Zoie so popular with engaged couples? 

I love meeting with brides (and their fiancés, too, if they come to the consult).  I pay close attention to what they are saying and I ask enough questions to find out what look or ambiance they are trying to achieve for their wedding.  My goal is to make our consultation as easy as possible for them.  I price everything for them right on the spot.  There’s no waiting for a proposal to come in the mail.   

When planning a wedding and reception budget, how much should brides expect to pay for flowers?

It all depends on how many people are in the bridal party and the size and layout of the venue.  But Flowers by Zoie does offer a complimentary consultation.  It doesn’t matter how big or small a budget is, I will work within the bride’s budget.

What should brides look for and expect from a good florist like yourself?

Couples should expect their flowers to be fresh and beautiful, and to be delivered on time.  The flowers should be perfectly placed, too! 

What has been the most memorable wedding for you?

They are all memorable, of course, but one stands out in my mind, because it was so dramatic.  A hurricane hit the Richmond area last summer while I was preparing flowers for a wedding.  I had to arrange the flowers in the dark using flashlights and candles.  The Manor House, site of the wedding and reception, was also without electricity and tree limbs littered the Manor House grounds.  Everybody worked hard to make sure the wedding and reception went off without a hitch.  The brides’ family set up a generator, and helped clean up the branches.  Right before the ceremony started, the electricity came back on!  Amazingly, it was all very beautiful, including the flowers. 

Do you have any advice for brides as they plan for flowers for their wedding and/or reception?

Find your bridesmaid dresses and choose your venues (for both the wedding and reception) before you meet with your florist.  That way you will be able to match the flowers to the dresses and you will be able to visualize where the arrangements will be placed, how many arrangements you will need, and how big those arrangements should be.

Zoie’s web page is  Phone:  (804) 746-4039.  If you DO contact her (and I hope you will),  tell her Gay Lee sent you!    


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