What do you call that special person in your life?

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What do you call that special person in your life?

Dear Engaged Couple:

Now that you are engaged the problem no longer exists.  You have a name for each other.  He’s your fiance, and she is your fiancee.  Those two words are tres elegante, and well, tres romantique, n’est ce pas?  But BEFORE you became engaged, at some point you two had to decide how you were going to refer to each other.  Were you going to call him your boyfriend, even though he’s over 35 and losing his hair?  Were you going to refer to her as your girlfriend even though she’s way responsible with a job as a banker or a lawyer? No. Of course not.   Boyfriend and girlfriend don’t really fit, unless you are in high school and you two have exchanged friendship rings. 

Then there’s Significant Other, or for those who are into text-messaging, SO.  That’s certainly a practical designation, but it seems to drain all the romance out of a relationship. That special person in your life is “significant.”  That’s only slightly better than INsignificant.  On a scale of one to ten, significant, is a two in my book–right above insignificant, but several rungs below boyfriend, girlfriend or lover. 

Lover or course, is racey and probably not the word of choice around a conference room table, say, or in conversation with mom and dad.  “My better half” is cute, and much better than my other half, although to my ears, “better half” sounds dated–more in the era of Ozzie and Harriett.  I think it may also imply that you two have already tied the knot–but I’m not at all sure about that, especially when today, couples generally live together before marriage.   

 So, I am asking you–what did you call each other before you became enaged?  If you coined your own word or phrase, please, please share it with the rest of us.  I know for a fact that many couples  are facing this dilemma.  Just complete the poll you see here.  I promise to share the results.  And if you have coined a new designation, please please share that with me and I will be sure to post it in a follow up blog.  My e-mail address is gaylee@weddingpreacherforhire.com.  Thank you, thank you whatever you call yourselves! 
Gay Lee

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