A GREAT idea for Wedding Gifts

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A GREAT idea for Wedding Gifts

Dear Engaged Couple-

     I met a woman named Rebecca Kelman this week.  She is an entrepreneur like me.  She makes handpainted gifts—specifically, she paints glassware.  She promotes her business among “wedding industry” professionals, because, of course, her painted glassware make great gifts for people who are part of the wedding party.  She also paints glasses that can be used by the bride and groom during toasts—or as they link elbows at the reception and each gives the other a sip of champagne. 

As we talked, though, it hit me.  What hit me was a great idea, which isn’t surprising, really.  I have SO very many great ideas.  Someone should hire me to be part of an idea team, at a big company in Silicon Valley sometime. Other great ideas I have had are:  bike helmets with windshields and windshield wipers; and refrigerated lunch boxes.  You see just how creative I can be? 

So, I said to Rebecca:  “Wouldn’t it be great, if your decorated glassware could be used in Jewish/Christian wedding services?—You know at that part in the service when the bride and groom share wine from the same wine glass?”   I began to conjure up images.   Two beautiful people—he wearing his yarmulke, she in her white veil standing under the chuppah (or wedding canopy).  He would be holding a wine glass with the Hebrew word Shalom painted on one side, and the word Peace, on the other; or the Hebrew word, Hesed on one side, and the phrase Steadfast Love on the other.  After a prayer (offered by me) the engaged couple would each drink from the same glass.  It would be the perfect symbol of the merging of two traditions into one beautiful, loving relationship. I could even base my homily on the meaning inherent in that one handpainted wine glass.  Shalom, Peace, Hesed, Steadfast Love, yes there was obviously a homily in that.  As I say, I really do have a knack for brilliant ideas!  

Alas, Rebecca’s face turned from open and friendly to pale and horror stricken. I knew in an instant that our conversation had taken a turn for the worse.  You see, as well as being creative, I am also extremely intuitive.  “You DO realize don’t you,” she said, “that in the Jewish wedding tradition, after the couple drinks the wine, they SMASH the glass?”  That pretty much ended our discussion. 

So, now I am thinking that maybe I should keep to what I do best—which is officiating. 

I need to make amends with Rebecca.  After you read this blog I hope that you will visit her website, which is www.bybecca.com. Her phone number 757-351-0586.  Tell her Gay Lee sends you with her heartfelt apologies!

Blessings your way as you continue to make plans for your special day.  Gay Lee

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