Pinterest. Interested?

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Pinterest. Interested?

Dear Friends. I have recently learned about a new website that holds great promise.  It is called Pinterest.  You can reach it at  It is actually a virtual series of bulletin boards.  You can create your own bulletin board, or simply admire the bulletin boards that others have created. It’s a great idea starter and organizing tool. 

I have recently joined pinterest and while I am still learning the ropes, here is what I have discovered so far.  First, after you join (and there is a wait list to join) you will want to add the pin button to your “favorites” listing on your computer.   My favorites icon is a gold star.  You go to the pinterest site, right click the pin button, then it will automatically be added to your favorites. Think how this might work for planning your wedding.   When you are surfing the web, for musicians,  officiants, venues, party rental shops, etc, just “pin” those sites you find of particular “pinterest.” Then you can return to your “bulletin board” later to review the information that you have collected.    It’s a little like clipping recipes from magazines, only without the magazines and without scissors.

If you would like to follow my own explorations into the pinterest world, just click here. 

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