Mount Ida Farm, A Great Place for a Wedding!

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Mount Ida Farm, A Great Place for a Wedding!

Today I visited a great wedding venue which is just getting up and running.  Although I have not yet officiated at a wedding there, I have my fingers crossed!  The venue is called Mount Ida Farm.  I discovered it on a drive along Route 20.  If you are driving from Charlottesville toward Scottsville on Route 20, you’ll see a sign for Trump Vineyard on your left. Turn at that sign onto Blenheim Road and then just keep going. The address is 6903 Blenheim Road.

What a spectacular piece of property.  We’re talking impressive historic mansion, dating from 1796—or only a few decades after the Revolutionary War and moved brick by brick to Mount Ida.  If only those bricks could talk!  I am told that the holy tree that flanks the home is over 400years old; if only TREES could talk.

Even though the grounds and home have some age on them, they have been meticulously restored.  And creative additions are being added to make your wedding everything you could wish for.   A barn has been converted into a pavilion that is every couple’s dream, and also every caterer’s dream . It boasts a full, industrial kitchen.   There is a stone patio out to one side, which would make a great place for cocktails, before your guests enter the generously large pavilion for dinner. 

Back to the house proper….A stone stair and walkway have recently been laid to connect the home to the reflecting pool/lake.  That reflecting lake (with fountain) would make an exquisite backdrop for any wedding.  And did I mention the gazebo?  Yes, there is a limestone gazebo with a lacey (rather than solid) roof so as not to block an azure daytime or a star-studded nighttime sky. Where better to say your wedding vows?

The open roof gazebo with fountain in background
Event coordinator Milicent gives me a tour
of the Farm in her Hummer
For more information, call Milicent Loehr Lynch, Event coordinator.  Her phone number is 434-286-4931.

Mount Ida’s commercial kitchen


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