Music can make for a Perfect Wedding

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Music can make for a Perfect Wedding

You know how sometimes you think a thought and it just happens? I call that God.  Some people call it synchronisity.  For instance, when I was pastoring a church, a super ratty sofa graced our church “parlor”–we’re talking broken back and exposed stuffing.  One day I decided to put a want ad in the church newsletter–Wanted:  one sofa, good condition.  Almost as soon as I hit send, I received a phone call from a church member with a sofa in need of a good home–and the colors of the sofa went perfectly with the parlor’s oriental rug.  What of that?? 

Vocalist Heather Hightower

 Last week, I had my mind on music. I was thinking about how important music is to a wedding service.  It sets the mood and it can also connect us to the divine.    I wanted to connect with some good musicians who I could recommend to prospective brides and grooms, in other words, to You.   God or synchronicity intervened.  Last Saturday I met a wonderful, talented guitarist named George Washburn at a wedding service at which I was officiating.  I am hesitant to publish his phone number here, but email me at and I will let you know how he can be reached. The next day, Sunday, I was preaching at a local church.  A very talented harpist provided special music for the service.   Her name is Kris Cushman.  She can be reached at  She and her co-harpist frequently play at weddings.  Finally, today (Friday)  I talked with a friend, Heather Hightower, who has started her own business as a vocalist.  I have heard her sing often.  I can vouch for the exquisite-ness of her voice. You can listen to her wonderful rendition of Ave Maria on her website:  I have a feeling I will have a few more musicians to recommend in the days and months ahead.  Synchronicity, God… isn’t it wonderful?  Wedding Preacher

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