How do I get my marriage license?!

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Dear prospective brides and grooms–first of all congratulations on your engagement.  This is my first entry on this blog site.  I’m not sure what this will turn out to be, but I THINK the general parameters will be to publish answers to questions–questions that I have asked other people as I have gone about the business of marrying people–that you may want answers to, too–and questions that prospective brids and grooms have asked me as we have worked together to prepare a meaningful service. 

Today I thought we would discuss THE MARRIAGE LICENCE.  Virginia does not make it easy to get one if you do not claim residence in this proud state.  Every courthouse has different rules about what you need in the way of identification as a non-Virginian.  If you are a resident–it’s easy.  Just present your driver’s license.  If you are a non-resident, look out!  Some Virginia circuit courts demand that you show your social security card, your passport, or a birth certificate.  The Courthouse on 315 East High Street in downtown Charlottesville requires either a birth certificate or a social security card for out-of-state id. If you are divorced, please have in your mind the date the divorce became final so that you can state that to the clerk.  No documentation is required.   No blood tests are required, either.   The cost of getting the license is $30.   You will get two copies of the license and a large 8X11 wedding certificate, all as yet unsigned by your wedding officiant.  You will also receive a self-addressed envelope so that the wedding officiant can send the two completed licenses to the court once the marriage has taken place. Once you have the license, your wedding must take place in the next 60 days.  If it does not, you will have to reapply for a NEW license. 

Note:  I always make a copy of the completed license for your files and send that to you along with the completed Marriage Certificate.  I do this immediately following the ceremony. You should receive both within a week of the big day.  Again, congratulations on your engagement.  You’ve got exciting days ahead! 

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