Help! We Have No Money!

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Help! We Have No Money!

    Today I want to talk to the economically challenged.  Weddings cost a considerable chunk of change.  Unless you and/or your folks have a lot of cash, it makes sense to try to look for deals–yes, even if this IS going to be an important life event. It is my hope for you that your wedding will be one in a long line of important life events: buying your first home or your first car, buying your first dog or your first boat; how about having your first child?  You see, the list may be an endless stream of important life events. So, if you want to cut corners on your wedding,  you’ll have that much more money to spend on your first yacht! 

One way to cut corners is to find someplace wonderful but not too expensive for your rehearsal dinner/wedding reception.  Parks abound in the Charlottesville, Albemarle County and Richmond areas.  Two good ones in C’ville are McIntyre Park and Pen park.  These two parks have shelters that fit 100 people each AND the shelters have electricity!  Charlottesville Park and Recreation charge $85 for a weekend shelter reservation, and $55 for a weekday shelter reservation. To find out more or to reserve your shelter, call 434-970-3260. 

Albemarle County boasts 12 parks.  Of these, several are possibilities for your use for a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception:  Chris Greene, Darden Towe, Dorrier park, Mint Sprints and Walnut Creek.  These have shelters with electricity. 

Albemarle County also has three Community Centers (think inside and with heat) located in Crozet. Scottsville and Western Albemarle County. The number for Albemarle Parks and Recreation is:  434-296-5844.  NOTE:  Alcohol is prohibited at all County public sites.

The Carillon in Richmond is a lovely place for a wedding as is Hickory Hill.  These are a little pricey, but not as pricey as a winery, certainly.  Call 804-646-0036 for more information. These can also be used for your reception or rehearsal dinner.  The one drawback to public facilities in Richmond is that, like Albemarle County,  alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

So there you have some important info on not-so-expensive sites for your special day!  Below are two pics of the Carillon in Richmond. 

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